Rainy Day Tarot Spread: a Tarot Spread for Emotional Baggage

rainy day tarot spread

Rain is Mother Nature’s way of cleansing the world. That energy can be brought to us as well. We can utilize that energy to cleanse our souls. Be it by standing out in the rain and letting it wash away the pain from our bodies, or harnessing it into a tarot reading. This post will discuss how to harness the feeling into a rainy day tarot spread!

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This is a simple 3-card tarot spread that carries out the same ideas as standing out in the rain. It’s a cleansing feeling. At the bottom of this post, you’ll see an example spread if you need clarity!

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Don’t forget you can use crystals, your pendulum, oracle cards, or anything else you might need to assist you with this tarot spread! And don’t forget to write it down!

Tarot Spread

tarot spread for rainy days - how to feel lighter and free

Card 1: What emotional baggage am I holding on to too tightly? If we can’t recognize what we’re keeping close, how can we let go?

Card 2: What aspects of it can I let go of? What is unimportant for me to be holding on? This way, we can lighten the load for ourselves.

Card 3: How do I let go of this baggage? What do I need to let go of to make myself feel lighter? To release this burden? The energy from the earth and Mother Nature in the form of rain should help with this release.

We can’t grow towards the sunlight and positivity if we’re constantly being dragged down. This release is necessary to have growth within ourselves.

Example of Tarot Spread

rainy day tarot spread example

This is an example rainy day tarot spread I did for myself, on this rainy day. I’m using my Triple Goddess Tarot deck, and with tarot reading assistance from Labyrinthos and my book Tarot, by Kim Arnold. I always like to use my pendulum too with tarot readings (curious how? you can read more here!).

  1. Emotional baggage – The Empress III. This card typically represents nurturing. She is the emblem of harmony, whether that’s smoothing over too much, trying to maintain happiness in a family.
  2. What aspects to let go of – King of Cups. This card depicts emotional stability. It’s a level headed response to something, and almost seems closed off. There’s a need to balance emotions.
  3. How to let go – Temperance XIV. Temperance is about harmony as well. Temperance also reminds us to deal with illnesses in a positive way. She reminds us that we can move forward, but start by testing the water, rather than diving in all at once.

Overall Understanding

Overall, this rainy day tarot spread seems to be commenting on my stomach, and how I try to move past without doing the work. (I have chronic digestive problems). I try to smooth over the problem, instead of working on it. Or else I’m closed to new ideas or talking to people. To let go, I need to start looking at it more positively, or with the idea that there’s a chance of it getting better. If I only think about it negatively, I’ll never be able to move forward and start healing myself.

The shadow card was 9 of Wands. The shadow card is a mention to how it seems like no matter how much I try getting on top of my digestive problems, it seems like it’s 2 steps forward, and 3 steps back.

A tarot spread for a rainy day to cleanse your soul from the inside out.
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I hope you’ve enjoyed this rainy day tarot spread. You can find more spread ideas by clicking here: Tarot. Connect with me @moonofgemini on Instagram if you’ve used this tarot spread and the results from it!