How to use your Pendulum to Assist with a Tarot Reading

Working with intuition is really important for tarot. Which are the right cards to read? Or how many cards to pick? Am I reading these cards correctly? This article will give you insight to having your pendulum guide your tarot readings. As tarot shows us what we subconsciously already understand, a pendulum is the extension of your intuition. Using these in conjunction will give you insightful tarot reads without the worry of choosing the wrong cards or being misled.

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This post will have a variety of ideas for how using a pendulum can assist you in a tarot reading. Please choose which feel right for you, don’t worry about trying to utilize all of them. This can also differ depending on the day on your mood.

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All of this is in reference to tarot cards, but can be applied to oracle cards as well!

Feel free to skip around this article looking for what feels right to you on assistance. There is no right or wrong way a pendulum can assist with a tarot reading for each individual. This post will go through how your pendulum can assist with choosing the optimal deck to use, the best way to shuffle the cards, selecting the cards and how many cards, and finishing with how to better understand card meanings in a reading!

If you aren’t comfortable asking your pendulum questions, or aren’t sure how to phrase them, read this article: Asking your Pendulum Questions, for assistance!

(In the photos, I’m using my Rider Tarot Deck and a rose quartz pendulum).

Before you Start:

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Always start with a question for your tarot cards. Maybe you have a specific question in mind, but it’s better to do a general reading of yourself instead, or first. If you’re uncertain on the best wording of the question, ask your pendulum! An example: ask if it’s optimal to use the word “receive” or “obtain.” Or whether to include an aspect or leave it for later.

Next, decide if you’d like to follow a tarot spread (like one from Labryinthos – they have an awesome app for tarot reading too) or just pick cards and see how they relate. Not sure? Ask the pendulum which is optimal.

Choosing a Deck and Shuffling Methods

If you have multiple decks of cards, hold the pendulum somewhere between them and ask the pendulum to swing towards the optimal one for answering the question.

There are different ways to shuffle cards for reading them. Ask which method is best for the optimal read (see descriptions of shuffling types on Wikipedia.

separate piles with tarot cards - which is optimal
  • To shuffle quickly, overhand
  • Like a deck of playing cards, (riffle) – not often recommended because the cards can bend
  • Shuffle into piles – one card goes to spot 1, the next goes to 2, then 3, then back to 1…
    • In this method, how many piles are optimal to make?
    • Is it optimal to repeat the process a second or third time?
    • Stack the cards back into one pile again, or is it better to keep them separate and pick from the various piles?

Selecting Cards with your Pendulum

You’ve shuffled the cards, now what? If you’re using a specific tarot spread, have that in mind. Think about the number of cards that are in the spread, and if any spots have a relevant meaning.

If you’re not using a specific spread to read the cards, just continue until the pendulum tells you there are no more cards for the reading. You’ll know when it swings in the “no direction” or you are out of cards to choose from.

pendulum over the tarot cards spread out
  • Ask if it’s optimal to choose the cards off the top of the deck.
  • Or is it better to cut the deck and pick from there? Did you cut the deck in the optimal spot, or is it better to cut again?
  • Or you’ve left the cards in various piles from shuffling, go over each part of the deck, and ask your pendulum if there are cards in this deck that are optimal for the reading. If the answer is no, put them to the side.
    • If the answer is yes, ask if you should separate into smaller piles, or pick off of the top. Is it optimal for you to shuffle them again into separate piles, or just cut the deck in half and ask again?
    • You can keep cutting until you’re down to cards that you can specifically ask about, if that card is optimal for the reading. If yes, leave it out
  • Maybe it’s better if you spread the cards out and ask the pendulum to swing towards the cards that are optimal for the read.

Once you’ve gotten down to the correct cards for the reading, is it optimal to leave them in the order picked? Or better to organize them? Which card goes to position 1, 2, 3?

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Reading the Cards

pendulum deciding the meaning of a tarot card

The tarot cards have been shuffled, picked, laid out, and now you’re looking at them. Maybe there’s confusion over what a specific card means? i.e. is the Page of Wands representing you? Or someone in your life? How do the 2 of Pentacles and Page of Wands relate? Are you currently struggling financially but are about to start a new venture? Or ready to let something go? The pendulum can assist reading the cards by answering the questions you might have, as the tarot cards don’t all have one strict meaning. Their explanation is fluid.

Try this out! Feel what works for you. You’ll be surprised at the results. Let me know your experience with your pendulum assisting you with a tarot reading by messaging me @moonofgemini on Instagram!