How to Write an Affirmation To Manifest Your Best Life

affirmations with magician tarot card

Affirmations are one of the best tools you can possibly have to create the future that you want, so long as you remember it and work on it. This is an easy writing prompt to figure out what you want your affirmation to be about and how to write an affirmation that can then manifest itself!

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This affirmation journal prompt is part of the major arcana journal prompt series, and is related to the Magician. If you aren’t a tarot person, you can still do this writing prompt! It just goes with the ideas of extensive knowledge.

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Scroll all the way to the bottom for an example of the journal prompt too!

Connecting the Magician to Shadow Work

The magician is a very powerful card in tarot, with a lot of energy that can be used in any direction, having knowledge in so many different parts of life and any questions you may have. This card can represent a person helping to guide you in the right direction as well. The magician card goes perfectly with how to write an affirmation because you are using everything to create this powerful statement.

Doing shadow work is about learning how to deal with the darker parts of yourself and live with them. Creating an affirmation and working on becoming a better you is a great way to work on your shadow. This is you figuring out a part of you that needs work and actively working towards changing it, instead of keeping those parts lurking in the dark.

Before you Begin

*Please remember this post is meant to act as a guide, not as the only tool you can use. It is not a substitute for professional help. Don’t hesitate to seek further assistance from a professional to work through trauma.

Ensure you are in the right mindset and physical space for this. Try to find a place that where you won’t be interrupted. As this release journal prompt is part of the major arcana series, maybe find the card in your deck for inspiration.

If you’d like, set soft music or light a candles. Get out your journal.

The Affirmation Journal Prompt

how to write an affirmation notebook and magician tarot card
Magician tarot card from Rider Waite Tarot

Affirmations are great tools to get you to reach for a goal you may have of how you want to feel in the future. They are a means of self empowerment, of releasing old habits.

The key in how to write an affirmation is to ponder who you want to become, or new attitudes you want to form and write them as if they already are true (a friend helped me with this description, and it’s worded perfectly).

How to Write an Affirmation – Figure Out What It’s About!

Get out your journal! Start by thinking about who you want to become, or new attitudes you wish to form. Feel free to write everything down you can think of right now. This does not have to be coherent, and can be lengthy and jumbled up. This is the step where you just try to decide how you want to feel.

Think about powerful ideas and thoughts. Or the parts you hide. Why do you hide them? Is it something you don’t want to hide and want to work on making better?

Things you can write about think of are – are you shy? Do you have a wall up? Are there parts of you that you would like to be better? What’s holding you back in life?

my rune journal

Create The Affirmation

*If you get stuck in this section, scroll down to my examples!

Next is to transform this writing into something short, coherent, and powerful. Remember to write this idea as if it is already true. Try to keep it at 1-2 sentences.

Write the affirmation in the form of “I am…” rather than “I can” or “I would like to.” This word needs to be powerful, although it doesn’t have to be “am,” just a powerful verb. Commit and accept are also verbs that I have used previously in affirmations.

An optional addition is to add an action to this statement. Add the movement that having this affirmation in your life will appear and how you will make it be known that you are working on this action, or what this affirmation looks like (i.e. expressing myself freely to…)

“I love myself” “I commit to” “I am”

Manifest The Affirmation

Finally, choose a way to make this idea be known to the universe. Or a way to remind yourself. I have 5 ways that I like to do this!

Say It Out Loud!

One way is to say it 100 times a day for 100 days. Which can seem intimidating. If you split this up into sections of 10, it isn’t quite as scary. And it goes really quickly with saying them! You can say them first thing in the morning, at night, or just on a short break during the day.

Another option is to say it to yourself in front of the mirror. 100 is still the best number, but if you can’t commit to that, try just saying the affirmation to yourself 10 times while looking at yourself in the eyes in the mirror. (optional: write the affirmation at the top of the mirror with a dry-erase marker!)

"I love myself" written on a mirror

Write It Down!

Write the affirmation somewhere you see all the time. Somewhere you’ll look often. A place where you won’t be able to walk past it and not notice it. Like on the top of your mirror as suggested above. Or write it out in a fancy way and make it like a wall piece for the room (make it into a decal!).

You can also put the affirmation that you wrote in a special place, or somewhere with high energy. One of my affirmations is written on a small piece of paper that is in among my crystals.

Another option is to use the affirmation as your password to something you type in often. They are long enough for requirements, and if you start with a capital letter, and end with a character like the period or exclamation point! This way you are forced to type the password often and need to remember it.

My Example

This is a personal example of affirmations that I’ve made for myself in the past, that I hope you can use as samples!

my affirmation examples

The “I am loving, caring…” comes from when I did a program called Insight Seminars, which helped me through some really difficult times and taught me how to be myself rather than hiding from life. This is also how I learned of affirmations and the power they can have on yourself!

I hope this was a helpful journal prompt for you on your journey to accepting your shadow self!

Are you looking for more journal prompts? This is one of a series of major arcana tarot card prompts that you can find here! If you’re just starting out and want an idea of how to create a spiritual journal, I have an entire article dedicated to it that you can read about!

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These are easy ideas on how to write an affirmation and what to make sure to include! Read the full journal prompt for more assistance!
This is an easy way to write an affirmation! And how to ensure this affirmation is manifested in the world.
A journal prompt for learning how to write an affirmation and deciding what your affirmation should be!