The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

the magician tarot card

Next we move onto The Magician tarot card. This is a card typically depicting a person who is able to work with all of the elements, having at least a hand in everything – the cups, wands, pentacles, and swords. It’s a person who has a handle on the world, and able to connect to all of the realms and help you on your journey.

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Definition of The Magician Tarot

The magician tarot card meaning - a simple meaning for the card, along with some bonus information!

Simple Upright Meaning

Mystery, assistance on your journey, knowledge to guide you, connection to all of the realms

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A Full Explanation

The Magician is there to help you on your journey. This person can represent in your life a person who may have the tools you do not yet, and can assist you with a part of your learnings. This card may manifest as a person or a book or something physical that has the answers you may be looking for. They are knowledgeable in many different aspects, to help guide you on your way. This card in a reading is a reminder that you have access to the tools you need on your journey.

There is a bit of mystery associated with the magician tarot card as well. Be cautious with other people trying to help you – follow your instincts on whether they are actually there to help you, or to distract you on your journey. They may seem to have all of the answers, but could be deceiving you or only helping you for their greater gain.

Having this card appear in a tarot reading may mean that you know someone who has the answers you are looking for, or already possess a tool that can greatly help you. Make sure to follow your intuition with this, as to not let negative people sway you.

Looking for the reversed meaning? I haven’t written about it yet, but Biddy Tarot has helpful definitions until I get them up!

My Design

My magician tarot card looks slightly different from most decks. Many tarot decks have a person with tools on their table, ready to assist in any way you might need (like in The Modern Witch Tarot Deck). I took it in a slightly different direction, while keeping the meaning as close to the same as possible. Rather than a person there to help you, I’ve chosen to have a witch hat with all of the symbols on the hat. There are bubbles surrounding the hat, as an idea of mystical and potions being used to create. The hat also has a few runes on it (you can find the rune meanings here). Some of these runes are protective, others are the idea of cycles, and others relating to mystery.

Other Thoughts

I relate the magician tarot card to one of the runes – Perthro (bottom middle on the hat in the image above). This rune depicts mystery, almost like the roll of dice. It’s a reminder to pay attention to your surroundings and follow your intuition, similar to this card.

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