Rune Dice: How To Use Them and Their Limitations

rune dice with candle

Rune dice are a different form of using runes for divination. They can be beautiful, and have their uses, but also have limitations. Rune dice can be fun to use and try out after you’ve gotten down regular rune divination! Using the same ideas of other divination practices, these dice are a great new addition to your collection.

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This article will discuss what they are, how to use these runes, limits, and anything else! Or read how to pick rune sets here!

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What Are Rune Dice?

rune dice on wooden background

Rune dice are like runes, but instead of each rune being on it’s own crystal, piece of wood, or bone, there are 6 runes on one dice. They are beautiful, with the crystals these runes can be engraved into.

These are elder futhark runes, so they do have the same meanings (which you can read here!) There are a total of 24 runes still, and it depends on who you purchase the runes from for which runes appear on which dice.

The dice pictured in the images are from URWizards, and the runes do not appear to be in any order on the dice (i.e. the Freyr’s Aett are not all on the same dice – they are on various dice).

Limitations of Rune Dice?

Keep scrolling down for how to use these dice, because it feels more important to discuss limitations first. The biggest limitation is that you don’t have the option to have different combinations of some of the runes, because they are on the same dice, so it’s impossible to have them shown at the same time.

runes and rune dice
Sowilo and Ehwaz depicted on runes and a single rune dice

With the rune dice I have, I can never have Sowilo and Ehwaz at the same time, because they sit next to each other. Whereas with using regular runes, it is possible to have that combination appear in a reading.

The other major limitation of using dice instead of individual runes is that there is a maximum number of 4 runes to be seen. And it almost feels like you have to use the 4, no less, because you don’t know which rune it is that you need to see for the day. This can also be an advantage in a sense, because you don’t have to worry about how many runes you’ll be reading.

Some people also think that you can’t get accurate readings from rune dice because the various runes could be competing on the dice for which is seen.

How To Use Rune Dice For Divination?

rune dice reading

This was the biggest struggle I had when trying to decide to purchase the dice. I felt they had a lot of limitations and I wasn’t even sure how to use them in a reading. The point (I see) with using runes, is to not be limited to which ones appear and where they appear in conjunction to one another. But with them on a dice, that becomes an issue.

I did a lot of digging and the best answer I could find when searching was from Reddit, where one person suggested they pull one dice out of a bag, and ask what they need to know for the day, and roll it.

What works best for me with using rune dice in my daily practice is that I roll all of them, with that same thought of “what do I need to know for the day?” Then I see where they landed, how they relate to one another, and if there are any that are the main feeling for the day.

my rune journal

If one of the dice appears further away than the rest, that is the main feeling for the day. If 2 are very close together, then those two are connected into one idea, rather than separate.

runes on wooden board, 1 far away, 3 close together

Using this method of rolling the dice and seeing where the runes are to relate to one another can work for other questions too. You do not get as much depth as working with a full set of runes, but will get a quick answer. This is what I like the best about working with these rune dice is it’s a very quick, and fairly decisive answer.

Simplified How To

  1. Decide how many rune dice you are going to use for the question (I usually use 4). If doing fewer, use a bag and choose one from the bag without being influenced by which one it is.
  2. Roll the dice in your hands while thinking your question (like “what do I need to know today?”)
  3. Let them land on a soft surface and note where they are compared to one another, and what direction they are facing.
    • If one rune is further away from the others, this could be the overall idea for the question
    • When multiple runes are right next to each other, these ideas are connected
  4. Write in your journal how they relate and what it all means!

Try them out if you’re interested in them, and don’t let people gatekeep your experiences!

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Runes are a great divination tool if you know how to use them correctly. Rune dice are slightly different. Read how to cast them and understand them!
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Rune dice are definitely different from runes! Still using the elder futhark meanings, they do have to be used differently since there are only 4 dice instead of 24 runes all at once.