Rune Casting for Beginners – A Simple Rune Reading

a simple method for a rune reading

Are you new to runes? Did you just get or make your own Elder Futhark Runes? And want to start casting and reading the runes? Then you’re in the right place! This post will explain how to do a basic rune casting for beginners, and go into a small amount of detail on how to read the runes. It’s a simple method to ask your runes questions or to get advice.

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With using runes, you can follow a spread as you would a tarot spread, or even use runes in place of tarot cards (find those here if you’d like to give it a try). This is going to be different though. With this method, you will be asking a question or advice and using the runes as they land face-up.

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*This is my method for rune casting, you may find other ideas on how to best rune cast, but this is an easy way to start! Are you looking for rune meanings? You can find a simple chart here! Or learn which rune set is right for you, or how to make your own runes.

Have rune dice, not a full set of runes? Read how to do a rune casting with them here!

Rune casting - how to read runes for beginners. an easy way to get advice using your runes!

Asking your Runes

Similar to tarot, you don’t want to ask a yes or no question to the runes. Because runes have much more meaning rather than just yes or no. Try asking a general question, or just for advice on something. Let it be open ended. Or broader than you would normally intend. Rather than “should I get that job,” think about what your feelings might be towards the job, and getting the job.

I’ll have an example going through this rune reading, and the question I’m asking for this is “what to expect for going on vacation next month?”

Rune Casting

This is going to be a simple method of rune casting for beginners. Find your runes. Prepare the space, perhaps light a candle or set out additional crystals (in my example, I’m using amethyst, selenite orange, agate tree, and prehenite). Decide how many runes you’d like to read. The fewer, the better for beginners because it’s easier to understand and there are fewer factors. For example, decide you want to read a maximum of 5 runes for this rune casting (I’ll keep using this number below in the example, but you can choose more or less).

Focus on the question or idea, and hold the runes, or shake them. Try to hold them all in your hand, or have them in a bag. Let the runes fall onto your altar cloth. See which runes land face-up. For the sake of ease and being a beginner, remove all of the ones that are face-down. Set those to the side. Pick up the runes that landed face-up and think about the question again. Roll the runes out once more. Continue to do this until you have 5 or fewer runes face-up. Because this is rune casting for beginners, remove the runes that are face-down, leaving the others where they landed!

rune casting for beginners - roll the runes and then remove ones that are face down
beginner rune reading - roll runes until you're down to 5 or less runes

Reading the Runes

You’re down to just a few runes to answer your question! Now what? Now, you read them and connect them. Write down your runes in a journal, and just the simple meaning of them. See how they work in context of your question. Next, notice if any of the runes are closer together than others. That means they connect to become one bigger meaning, or relate to one another. These are the runes giving you the answer. You can read the runes as converse or reverse, but I would stick with the upright rune meanings until you get the hang of it.

My Reading Example for Rune Casting for Beginners

In the image below, I only had 2 face up after a few times shuffling the runes. And they are fairly separate. With these two that are very separate from each other, I determined what they meant. The runes that landed face up were Ehwaz and Kenaz. Kenaz actualy flew out of my rune bag and landed face up. Then in subsequent rolls, it remained upright. So it’s definitely meant to be! (I am using my favorite app for the reading as well for further understanding of the runes – Rune Stones.)

simple rune reading example

Kenaz represents light, similar to a torch illuminating on a problem or comment. But it can also relate to physical, natural warmth. Ehwaz physically represents a horse, or that’s a loose definition. But it can also relate to loyalty and partnership. Putting these two together in context of the vacation being planned (going to natural hot springs to celebrate an anniversary with my partner), it really makes sense! And seems like my trip will be fairly similar to what I’m expecting.

Still confused? You can see more examples of this sort of rune casting in action in my post about Autumnal Equinox Rituals, or Meeting your Spiritual Guide with a Pendulum.

Advanced Reading Alternative

Are you wanting a little more information about your question? Leave the runes that are face-down where they were. Then, look at them for supporting information regarding the runes they are closest to.

my rune journal

I hope this was helpful information for rune casting for beginners! Let me know if you try it by tagging me on Instagram @moonofgemini or #moonofgemini!

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A beginner's guide to rune casting. Get answers and advice easily from your runes with this simple method.
How to cast and read runes - a simple method for getting advice from your runes!