How To Make Runes – Make Your Own Rune Set

How to make runes

I love working with runes, for the fact that I can easily get answers to bigger questions that I have. And what better set of runes to have than ones that you’ve made yourself? This is a great way to feel even more connected to your runes. So let’s learn how to make runes.

There are a few different materials you can use to make your runes, but the key is that you need 24-25 of the same item, all about the same shape and size. Having them be the same shape and size helps if you’re picking the runes out of a bag, so you don’t just can’t just tell by what it feels like in your hands which one you’re grabbing.

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Why Make Your Own Rune Set?

There are so many rune sets available out there already! So why would you make your own rune set? It’s a fun activity to do, and a great way to make it special to you. Especially if you’ve got certain crystals in mind, or a special type of wood, or anything else that has special meaning to you to make the runes out of.

They’ll also be one of a kind if you make them yourself.

To make these even more special, you can time the making of these runes with a specific date or time. For instance, finishing them on a full moon, or right before a solstice.

What You Need For Making Runes

sharpie and pebbles

It depends on what you’re using to make the runes what you need, but some materials you will need include: 24-28 (you want a few extra in case any get messed up) pieces of roughly the same size of the material you want to use. You’ll also need something to mark the runes onto with, whether a sharpie, paint, something to burn them on, or carving tools, maybe something to seal them with, and a candle.

What to make the runes out of? Runes can be made out of bone, wood pieces, crystals, rocks, or you could make them out of clay as well. Really, it’s what calls to you as to what you use!


Bone is one of the more traditional/original items runes were made out of. If you have easy access to bones that can be cut into small, similarly shaped pieces, this is a good option!

Wood Pieces

An easy to access item to make runes out of are pieces of wood. All you need is a branch that’s no more than 1 inch in diameter. You’ll want to make sure that you choose a hard wood, and ensure that it’s dry.

Cut it into small, flat discs, and sand the sides down so you don’t get splinters working with your runes! Wood can be a great choice for a rune set, especially if you feel drawn to a type of tree, or use your Celtic tree’s wood. This is one that will need to be sealed before using.


Crystals are one of the more common options used today for runes you can purchase. Often they have the runes carved in them and then painted on.

If you choose to use crystals for your runes, try to get many that are all about the same size, and a crystal that you feel really drawn to. You may also want to look at the hardness level of the crystals to make sure you’re not getting crystals that will crack when they’re in a pouch together.

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An easy to access option to make runes that’s also going to be a free option is to find pebbles from a local river that all look similar in size and shape! There’s nothing wrong with using pebbles, and this way you’ll be able to think back to where you got these from every time you use the runes.

(This is what I chose to make my runes out of)


The last (main) option you can make runes out of is clay. For this, you’ll want to make them all around the same shape and size.

If you choose to use clay to make your runes, I suggest an oven baked clay. Then, you could carve the rune shape into the rune before it’s cooked, which is not something you can do with any of the other options.

How To Make Runes

pebbles with runes written on

So once you’ve chosen what material you want to make the runes out of, it’s time to make the runes! This is fairly simple, depending on what materials you’re using. On each piece, regardless of what your material choice was, draw the runes on one side. If you’re choosing to burn/carve them in, start by drawing them on with a pencil to ensure you get them right.

See the runes below for what to draw on them all. Or find the rune meanings here.

elder futhark runes

Depending on your preference, you can choose whether or not to use a blank rune as well. I usually do, but many people choose to not use them in divination readings.

You may also need to seal your runes, so that the runes don’t rub off. This is especially important in wooden runes. You can do this with any oil, or with beeswax. This depends on what you’ve used to create the runes.

Final Steps – Consecrating Your Runes

Once you’ve gotten the runes drawn/carved/painted onto your material of choice, your rune set is almost done! But there’s one more step that’s important for how to make runes.

You need to consecrate the runes, or it’s a good idea to. This is a ritual to make them sacred, and will help you to connect with each rune individually. The easiest way to do this is to, with your candle, pass each rune individually over the flame while focusing on the rune in hand.

This book may also be helpful for how to consecrate runes – Runes for Beginners.

Cleansing Runes

It can be important to cleanse your runes as you use them. One of the easiest ways to cleans runes is with sage, and this will work for any material you chose to make your rune set out of.

If you chose to do pebbles though, it’s a good idea to cleanse them in the stream before you take them home. Just gently hold them in the water. This way you can start with a clean slate.

Final Thoughts on How To Make Runes

Now that you’ve got your runes set up, it’s time to use your runes! Here’s an easy method for rune casting for beginners. If you’re brand new to using runes, pull one every day to get used to your new runes, understanding what they mean, and for a bit of guidance over what your day will look like.

I hope this has been helpful on making your own runes and you get a great set of runes out of this!