Blank Rune – Elder Futhark Meaning

blank rune

This is the final rune to discuss. There’s a mixed chance if this rune will even be in your rune collection; as only some makers of rune sets choose to include this in.

This would just be a plain crystal with no design on it, or a piece of wood with nothing on it.

So why is there a blank rune? Because some people think it’s helpful to have in their runic divination!

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Ultimately it’s up to you to choose to include the blank rune or not. You may even want to take it out of your rune collection and leave it somewhere else all together.

Let’s get into what it means, if you do choose to use the blank rune.

Meaning Of The Blank Rune

There seem to be two trains of thought when it comes to the blank rune, even if you are choosing to use it, as to what it represents.

The first is that it simply means to cast again, and do over either that individual rune, or the entire rune spread.

The other option for what this rune means is that it can represent destiny and fate. It was your destiny to get this rune, and is telling you that this rune reading is your fate.

blank rune
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