How to Choose a Pendulum

how to choose a pendulum quartz pendulum

Choosing a pendulum is a very special feeling. Below are some tips for how to choose a pendulum that will be the most optimal for you to use. Remember, you can have one pendulum, or multiple. There is no right or wrong answer to how many pendulums you can have! Go with your gut.

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If you want more general information on pendulums, look at my page, Pendulums 101, or in my section dedicated to them here!

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Choosing a Pendulum

I think it’s important to go to a store and buy a pendulum in person, if you aren’t making it. All of the suggestions/ instructions on how to choose a pendulum will be reflected on that. If you’d rather make your own pendulum, here’s a guide on how to make a pendulum.

*But we are living in a time when many people cannot go to stores safely. In that case, try to buy from a local supplier or a smaller company. Find your local shop online or look somewhere like Etsy for a pendulum to suit your energy. (scroll to the bottom for more about buying online)

Tip: use your intuition! Follow your gaze in the shop to the one that sparks energy in you. Feel it. Start with the pendulum you feel most drawn to with the steps following. If this one isn’t right for you, try again with a different pendulum.

Choosing a pendulum: it's important to find the right one to match your energy. Tips on how to best choose a pendulum.
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Looking for a Pendulum

I think it’s better to go into buying a pendulum with no expectations of what it will look like. There are so many variations of what it’s made out of, shape, length of chain, that you really don’t know what will connect. Rather than going into it with the idea of “I need this type of crystal pendulum, this shape, and this length of chain,” go in with an open mind. Find the one that speaks to you.

If it’s the right time to purchase a pendulum, one of them will jump out at you. It will catch your attention. You’ll feel drawn to it.

How to choose a pendulum: feel the energy

Stand with your feet firmly on the ground. Pinch the end of the chain between your fingers with your dominant hand. Either hold the pendulum above the ground or over your hand. Close your eyes. Feel the energy in the pendulum and ask it to show you. Eventually, open your eyes, and see how the pendulum is swinging.

A small amount of movement might mean the pendulum is not right for you. A large amount of movement is more of a positive sign.

Ask questions

Test out the pendulum with a few questions, and connecting it to yourself. Start with the pendulum at a standstill. Then ask these questions (mentally, not out loud):

  1. “Show me yes,” and see which direction it moves.
  2. Then ask “show me no.” The pendulum should move in a different direction (it can be clockwise/counterclockwise, forward/backward, side to side. And it might be different for various pendulums.
  3. Then ensure the pendulum is using those correctly, by asking questions that are straightforward, and you know the answer to. Ask somethat will be no, and others yes. Some examples being (but do whatever feel right for you):
    • “Is today Thursday?”
    • “Is my hair purple?”
    • “Do I live on the moon?”
    • “Did I have cereal for breakfast?”
    • *If the pendulum doesn’t move as it said for yes and no, ask for it to show you yes and show you no again. Try again.

Energy, again

Ask for the pendulum to show you it’s potential energy again. You can decide if the pendulum is right for you just by the feeling in your body about the pendulum or, you can eventually, ask “does this pendulum have optimal energy for me to work with?” If you’re worried about bias with the question, close your eyes and then see what the pendulum answered you after a few seconds.

how to choose the right pendulum for you - a guide to buying pendulums!
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It’s really up to you with which pendulum you pick. I currently have 3 pendulums. One I purchased from Vibe Catchers at a festival (you can find her stuff sold on Etsy too if you want! I love what she makes). It’s rose quartz with an upcycled gold chain. The women selling these actually taught me the basics of how to use a pendulum and these questions to ask when shopping for a pendulum.

My other 2 pendulums are not originally designated as pendulums. One was a crystal I found in a shop that already had metal connected to it, like it could easily have a chain for a necklace, and I tied a piece of string to it. This one I just went with instinct on purchasing, and asked my rose quartz pendulum for advice on turning it into a pendulum. My third is a necklace, that I tested in the shop as described above.

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There are also some pretty cool setups that are like a cage you put a crystal in and can easily change up what’s inside (a great idea when working with chakras).

Buying Online

So about half of the information written above doesn’t work if you don’t actually get to feel the pendulum in person!

So how to choose a pendulum when buying online? It’s fairly straightforward! You might not know the exact crystal you’re getting (because it might be a sample image), so go with your instincts on what kind of crystal/object you feel drawn to, rather than a specific pendulum.

Choose the crystal you feel drawn to, rather than one you feel you *should* get. Look at all of the pictures of the pendulums, check the reviews of the person you’re buying from, and shop small to support the small businesses!

Once you purchase and receive the pendulum, then you can do what’s suggested above to get to know the energy of your pendulum! And then try interviewing your pendulum!

Just bought a pendulum and want to learn more about its energy and uses? Here’s an interview tarot spread for getting to know it better! Or read how to use a pendulum for the next steps on your pendulum journey! Follow me on Instagram @moonofgemini for more tricks or tag me with your new pendulum!