The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning

wheel of fortune tarot card

The wheel of fortune tarot card is one about cycles and can be about luck. This can be natural cycles or unexpected changes. This card can also represent life in general, where some parts are great, and others you just have to get through.

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Definition of the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

wheel of fortune tarot card with definitions

Simple Upright Meaning

Expected and unexpected change, cycles, positive fortune, feeling stuck

A Full Explanation

There are 2 different ideas associated with the wheel of fortune tarot card. It can be a card that appears if you feel you are stuck. It can also be related to cycles of the seasons or the moon.

Or it can be about luck. As with the casino games, you could be landing on the lucky section soon. Just keep in mind that it might go the other direction too.

Sometimes there are cycles you can’t currently get out of for one reason or another. And this card might be pointing you to the fact that you feel stuck in this cycle.

The feeling of this card can be thought of as ocean waves. They’ll keep coming whether you’re ready for them or not. If you fight against the waves you’ll get battered and choke on the water. But if you choose to flow with the waves or dive through the bigger ones, you’ll emerge on the other side of your own volition, still have your strength, and are able to prepare for the next wave quicker.

The cycle can also just be a reminder that things always change. Life is always changing. Sometimes it’s expected, like winter coming after fall, but some are unexpected and we have to deal with them as best as we can.

My Design

wheel of fortune tarot card

This design of the wheel of fortune is similar to many wheels of fortunes cards by having a circle on it with pieces coming out of it like a pegs on a wheel. The difference with mine is that there is also the seed of life symbol inside. This seed of life can represent growth and transformation that happens during life.

When you see the wheel of fortune, it’s a reminder to get out of that cycle. And by getting out of that cycle, you’ll be able to grow and transform.

Other Thoughts

This tarot card to me is similar to the rune Jera, which also represents cycles (read about the rune meanings here).

wheel of fortune card from triple goddess tarot deck

One of my tarot decks, Triple Goddess, has a very different wheel of fortune card. Where it’s a spinning wheel and a person, along with fairies are spinning the thread that is weaving destiny. This is similar to the Fates from Greek Mythology. It reminds us that we don’t always choose how life goes, but we can affect it in some ways.

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