8 Small Metaphysical Gifts For Your Tarot And Crystal Loving Friends

metaphysical gift ideas

What do you get someone who loves new age ideas? Or divination practices? There are so many ideas to get them as gifts that I’ve split it up into smaller (i.e. cheaper) gifts and large (more expensive) presents for anyone who loves tarot, pendulums, or crystals!

Whether it’s a gift for the holidays, a birthday, or just a special day, finding the right gift can be difficult. In this, you’ll find a bunch of great, small (and low cost) metaphysical gift ideas!

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If you’re interested specifically in tarot card accessories, find 7 ideas here! Or get a subscription box that keeps on giving gifts all year long!

What’s great about buying new age gifts for friends who love metaphysical work, is that there are so many things they could want or need (there’s no such thing as too many crystals).

If you want a full list of gift ideas, check out my list on Etsy (that’s regularly updated!)


Tarot Decks

Tarot cards are a great place to start for many beginner witches, especially if they don’t already have a deck for themselves. Then they can work towards new understandings of the world around them.

Some of my favorite decks (that I either have or wish I have) include:

Oracle Cards

This is another favorite type of cards for divination, or just to get an idea of what’s going to happen with a day or the answer to a question. Oracle cards don’t have a set definition for each card like tarot do, so there are many different ones to choose from!

Some of the most popular oracle decks (or my favorites) include:


Now crystals are really great for so many people because they have many different uses. They can be for charging other crystals or tarot decks, can be for protection, can be made into crystal grids, almost anything you can really think of! Here are some of my favorites, or great kits you can buy of different crystals!

Read more about specific crystals: Crystals for Beginners, Protection Crystals


Selenite is a great crystal to have because it doesn’t absorb energies, and is a great tool for cleansing other objects and energizing them. You can get selenite in the form of a charging plate, bowl, or tower!


There are so many crystal kits that you can find. There are some great ones for beginners, for protection, or you can make your own crystal kit for a friend!

my rune journal


Another metaphysical gift idea is a pendulum. Not only are pendulums fun to use for divination, they are also really simple to use (I have a section here on them if you want information)!

Pendulums can be really specific for the person, so I would suggest if you are buying one for someone else, focus on them when looking, and try to choose one that you think fits their energy the best.

A metal pendulum might also be an easy way to go as well!

Candles & Other Burning Items


Candles are really popular to have lit at an altar while working on a tarot spread or just to have burning to enjoy the scent!

Other candles that are helpful to have are spell candles. Different colors correspond to different feelings or ideas, making them perfect for various spell work!


Incense is another great idea as a gift for a new witch, because you can never have too many different scents of incense to burn on various days.


Sage is a cleansing tool, so every new witch needs some to cleanse items whenever they feel weighed down! *One thing to note, I would avoid buying white sage because it is sacred to Native Americans and has been over-harvested.


Notebooks and journals are another great way to go as a metaphysical gift because we all need a place to write down our tarot readings and shadow work!

Looking for other gift ideas for people who love divination and other practices? I’ve made a list of ideas I think people would like as gifts you can find here (and it gets updated regularly!)

Or looking for personalized gifts? Check out these personalized gift ideas from Etsy!

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Getting gifts for your new age friend doesn't have to be difficult. This is a list of ideas any witch would love to have.
These are small metaphysical gifts, perfect for any celebration! Simple ideas for when you don't know what to get.