7 Witch Subscription Boxes For All of Your Witch Supplies!

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We’ve found 7 of the best witch subscription boxes for you to choose from. It’s always nice to get yourself a surprise gift, whether once or every month.

That’s what makes subscription boxes so great – you never know exactly what you’re going to get, and you can choose to only get one or one monthly!

Or, get one as a gift for someone close to you, so you can have a gift that keeps on giving all year long and you can avoid agonizing over what specific items to get them.

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These are some of our top-pick witch subscription boxes!

Enchanted Crystal Subscription Box

enchanted crystal subscription box
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If you’re looking specifically for crystals, the Enchanted Crystal subscription box is the perfect one for you! Depending on which box you sign up for, you can either get one main crystal a month and some fun mini’s, or a selection of a few crystals.

This is the perfect box for you or someone special if they have a love for crystals, and want a fun new crystal each month without having to choose for yourself!

You never know which crystal is going to really speak to you, and with this crystal subscription box, you get to find out each month how the crystal fits into your life.

Not only this, but you also get a month to work with that crystal before the next one comes along, so you don’t have to worry about getting overwhelmed by all of their energies at once.

The Witches Roots Subscription Box

the witches roots subscription box
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This witches roots subscription box is perfect for witches who want to dabble with herbs and flowers and don’t really know where to start. Along with these ingredients, you’ll also get oils and small talismans each month.

You never really know exactly what you’ll get with this witch subscription box, and that’s what adds to the excitement of getting these witch supplies each month!

Sacred Vibez Subscription Box

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The Sacred Vibes subscription box is the perfect choice if you don’t want a specific type of item delivered each month. This curated selection of items is varied each month, with a wide variety of items to help you raise your vibes and help with cleansing negative energies.

This box is a monthly subscription, and each is aimed to help you protect yourself from unwanted energies, which includes spells and items specific for the time of the year!

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Mindful Box

mindful souls subscription box
Image from Cratejoy

The Mindful Box from Mindful Souls is all about treating yourself, and taking care of yourself with simple rituals. This mindfulness box not only comes with the tools, but also instructions for how to use them and how to help yourself.

This is the full package each month, and you get the boxes in a specific order to especially work on getting you to your best self. This is not a seasonal based box, but is working towards aligning yourself and, and a reminder you that you deserve the best.

Tarot/Oracle Box

Image from Cratejoy

Have a love for tarot and oracle cards? This Tarot/Oracle Box is definitely the right choice for you then! This subscription box delivers every other month, and each time includes a new tarot or oracle deck.

No longer do you have to choose just one deck to have, or have to be paralyzed by indecision at the shop because you love them all. Now you can get a new deck a few times a year, along with some other special goodies in this tarot subscription box!

Herbal Apprentice Box

herbal apprentice subscription box
Image from Cratejoy

If you’re an herbal witch, the herbal apprentice box is the one for you! Learn how to make your own herbal medicine, teas, and more. This comes with instructions on what to do and all of the ingredients you need.

This is a great option if you’re looking for witch supplies to fill your stash up with various herbs and ingredients. Some of the boxes may also include seeds for you to start your own apothecary garden with.

As an added bonus this herbal subscription box includes recipes and zoom classes for you to follow along with and learn each month about how to use the ingredients. You also get to join a great community through the online classes, meeting like-minded people.

Chakra Box

chakra subscription box
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The Chakra Box is a 9 month long subscription where you get items relating to a different chakra each month. These boxes go in a specific order, and you can learn about a new chakra each month.

Included in the boxes you’ll get each month include vegan and cruelty free items and books, meditation guides, and so much more to help you understand you chakras and ensure they are aligned.

We hope you enjoy whichever witch subscription box you choose. If one doesn’t fit, try another!

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