7 Great Tarot Accessories for Every Tarot Reader

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Tarot is a great tool to learn and once you start, you can’t stop! You can do with just a tarot deck and be set, but there are some tarot accessories that may help or you just might want!

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These are 7 great tarot card accessories that may help you in your daily practices, or just be a fun addition! Looking for something bigger? Get them a tarot/oracle subscription box! Or read for other great witch subscription boxes!

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Tarot Pouch

Often we like to travel around with our tarot decks, or take them other places with us. To keep the box from getting scratched up or bent (and potentially damaging the cards inside), use a pouch specifically made to fit a tarot deck!

Altar Cloth

Another great tarot accessory is an altar cloth. These have so many uses but are great for tarot readings. Put your crystals out and reading on the spread.

Not only will this elevate the tarot reading, but it will also create a small, temporary altar wherever you decide to place it!


Candles are amazing to set the tone of your tarot reading. Either use color specific candles for spells while working on a tarot spread, or use a candle with a tarot card depicted on it for while you do tarot readings! Candles are great tarot accessories for this reason.

Tarot Journal

Journals are so helpful when practicing tarot. You can track what each spread is you do, so you can go back and remember what happened, and even keep track of how many times you see each card over the period of a year!

Journals are a must for tarot readers, so you don’t forget and ask the same question over and over again, and instead move forward and learn from what you just saw!

Card Stand

Whether you’re choosing to do a short tarot spread, or want to use the energy from specific tarot cards, a card stand is a great option! These wooden holders keep your cards upright so you can easily see them. They are great for an altar space or just every-day use, pulling them out with your tarot cards.

Tarot Inspired Pin

Tarot pins are a great way to show your love for tarot without having your tarot cards out all the time. These cute tarot accessories are perfect for your pouch holding your tarot cards, a jacket, or just about anything else you want to stick it on to!

Bring the energy of the tarot pin with you wherever you go if you need a bit of inspiration.

Tarot Box

Another great option for holding your tarot deck when not in use is a tarot box. These beautiful boxes are a great place to store precious tarot decks in so they don’t get damaged. Then you also get the beauty of the wooden carving/burnt wood in your altar space while the tarot deck is not in use.

Tarot Deck!

This isn’t a serious suggestion for tarot accessories, but one of my favorites is to buy a whole new tarot deck. Then you can choose which one fits your needs for the day and have multiple to choose from!

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A good tarot deck to refer back to is the Rider Waite Tarot deck, or if you want the updated the Modern Witch tarot deck is a great choice to have. It might also be a good deck to have on hand if you do readings for others as a neutral option for them to choose!

These are just some ideas for tarot accessories! If you want to see more, check out this accessories list that’s regularly updated with new items!

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There are so many great accessories to go with tarot cards! These are 7 fun tarot accessories for every tarot reader.
Some things like journals are really helpful to have if you're a tarot lover! Check out these other ideas to have!
7 accessories for your tarot cards and for you if you're a tarot reader!