7 Protection Crystals To Keep You Safe

protection crystals

There are different forms of protection – energy protection, physical protection, and emotional protection to name a few. Here are my favorite protection crystals, perfect for whatever form of safety you’re looking for.

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I’ll explain why they are my favorite, and why they are great for protection! Many of these are also on my list of crystals for beginners because they are great to have, not just for protection. Find all of these on this Etsy list for easy browsing.

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carnelian flame, carnelian crystal, carnelian sphere

Carnelian is above all, one of the crystals I am most drawn to, not only for it’s protection energy, but the feeling of it energizing a room. There’s so much energy involved with the carnelian crystal.

What’s special about the protection energy of the carnelian crystal is not only will it help protect you from unwanted energy, but it is also a crystal for physical protection.

(This DOES NOT mean you can do anything and be fine, but if you continue on with your normal living, it will help keep you safe.)

Keep this protection crystal in your car, or with you to keep you out of harms way. One person I know always had a carnelian crystal in their car, and it had cracked a bunch of times, seeming like it was taking the harm rather than the person, and saving them from accidents and injury.


obsidian heart and snowflake obsidian

Next up is obsidian. While not actually a crystal, but rather a volcanic glass. This is a wonderful mental protection crystal. This crystal is also a great crystal for grounding yourself.

Use this to keep your feet planted on the ground, if that’s what you need, or to protect yourself from mental attacks. One of the best times to use the obsidian crystal is if you are doing deep spiritual work, or anything where you really open yourself up. This will protect you.

One thing to note is that obsidian can be really harsh to some people, especially if you are in a negative emotional space. So take your time and see if you can use obsidian at the moment before trusting it to protect you. You may find it’s better to choose a different

Obsidian Blue

blue obsidian surrounded by small crystals

A subset of obsidian is obsidian blue, which is made the same way as obsidian (although often made in a lab instead of found naturally due to how scarce it is).

If you find black obsidian to be too strong, blue obsidian is a good alternative. It has the same protective qualities and is especially helpful for sensitive or psychic people.

Blue obsidian can also be used to heal mental and physical troubles, while working on opening your throat chakra.

Tiger’s Eye

tiger's eye merkaba in a piece of wood

Another great protection crystal is tiger’s eye. This is a beautiful crystal that’s various shades of brown and gold, being similar colors to what a tiger’s eye might look that is being hit by the light.

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This crystal is known for helping you find personal strength and the energy to protect yourself. So while this crystal may not be actually protecting you, it is helping you to protect yourself.

Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz crystals

Smoky quartz is a great energy protection crystal. While this crystal may not seem like a protection crystal in the normal sense, it reshapes any negative energy into neutral energies. So it clears the energy from you, and is protecting you from those negative energies.

Smoky quartz is a great crystal to use in a crystal grid, working with the other crystals to cleanse the air and keep you safe and protected. Also use this crystal when doing spiritual work, to ensure you have a safe journey that does not allow negative energies to harm you.

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline in a bowl

Black tourmaline is another great crystal for protection. This one has a long history of being a protection crystal, shielding people from negative energies or unwanted psychic attacks.

This still remains true today with this crystal. It’s also a great grounding crystal, so it’s perfect for using in any spiritual work, or even one to wear when you feel you need to.

Tell tourmaline apart from obsidian by seeing if there are any little divots in the polished crystal – if it is, it’s probably tourmaline. Also if you hold it up to the light, you won’t be able to see any light through (as you could with obsidian).

Tourmalated Quartz

tourmalated quartz mushroom next to gnome

Another option for using black tourmaline is to use tourmalated quartz. These beautiful crystals are exactly what they sound like – quartz with pieces of tourmaline throughout.

This is an amplified protection crystal, as it’s combination creates transformative energies, and keeps you safe from psychological attacks. This crystal can act as a shield, keeping you safe from harm, and potentially sending the attacking energy back onto where it originated.

Decided on one of these protection crystals? One of the most important things is to go for the one that speaks to you. You may need a different type of protection crystal than someone else, or need a different one just depending on what you’re working on!

And remember, you can also wear these crystals instead of just carrying/using them in practices, if you feel you need extra protection.

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