Sowilo Rune – Elder Futhark Meaning

sowilo rune

Sowilo is the rune that looks like a lightning bolt. It represents sunlight and warmth. This is the final rune in Hagal’s Aett, to end it on a very positive note.

Sowilo translation: Sun, Light

Other spellings: Sigil, Sowilu

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The biggest meaning behind sowilo is finding light even in the darkest of times. Like a lightning bolt that streaks across a night sky and lights up the area for a second, this is how this rune can be.

But it does not necessarily mean the power and energy that comes with the lightning, as this can also just mean the sun, and the warmth that comes with the sun.

This rune is a positive energy rune and is telling you to not give up, because something good is your way, or you are just not looking in the right place for the light. Keep going and you can overpower the darkness.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel to keep working towards. You are so close, that you can now clearly see the light seeping towards you.

This is also a rune of completion, of finally finishing goals and tasks that you’ve been working hard on.

sowilo rune with definition
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An example of finding this rune in a big name series is Harry’s scar in Harry Potter. He’s got the lightning bolt scar, and he was the light that could break through the darkness. Only the warmth and light could save them all.

Relating To Other Runes

Finding this rune near others can represent what to look for in terms of positivity. Think about how the ideas of the other runes make you feel. Do they bring you joy?

Hagal’s Aett started with Hagalaz, which was a storm that you could not do anything about. Now it ends on the warmth and light that comes from Sowilo.

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