Hagalaz Rune – Elder Futhark Meaning

hagalaz rune

The hagalaz rune starts off the Hagal’s Aett series of runes. This is a rune of destruction and semi-chaos.

Hagalaz translation: hail

Other spellings: Hagl, Haglaz, Hagall

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Hagalaz is a rune of destruction. As it’s literal definition is hail, it is a rune of disruption. This rune suggests there are things you will be going through that you have no control over.

This is a warning, letting you know what is to come in the near future. It can mean literal hail, or a physical storm coming your way. It can also represent some other battering coming towards you, within the emotional or mental realms.

Prepare yourself when you see this rune in a casting. Something is coming your way. This is something you cannot stop from coming towards you.

Hagalaz does not have a reverse definition, because it is the same shape either direction.

hagalaz rune with definition
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As hagalaz represents hail, it is a symbol of stormy weather and changes that cannot be planned.

This rune could be another one represented by the god Thor, as he is the god of Thunder and Lightning, so it makes sense that with those comes hail as well.

Relating To Other Runes

This is an especially important rune to look at what’s surrounding in a casting, as it can signify how the storm is going to appear, or in what part of your life this trouble will occur.

Hagalaz is the signifying rune, so see if is significantly closer to others, or if it’s pointing to a different rune.

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