Algiz Rune (Elhaz) – Elder Futhark Meaning

algiz rune

The algiz rune is the rune of protection. This rune will help you reach your goals in a safe manner, with the knowledge you need to succeed.

Algiz translation: Elk, Elk sedge (a plant)

Other spellings: Elhaz, Algis

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Algiz is the protection rune. This is the signal to take the risk and do what you’ve been thinking about. You will be protected from some harm, and will likely have good luck on your pursuit.

This is a big time for growth, as you have some safety going into this. Take chances and you’ll see the change you’ve been hoping for.

Things will seem to be going right when you see this rune. You’ll have the knowledge that you need to get through the next part.

*This success and protection is only in mostly normal day to day living. This rune will not keep you from getting hurt if you choose to do something foolish.

algiz rune with definition
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Algiz has 2 related translations – both the elk animal, and elk sedge. The elk is one of the most powerful spirit animals. It represents protection, courage, and success, all of which this rune symbolizes.

Elk sedge is a plant best known for it’s sharp spikes that act as protection for the plant.

This rune can also be related to Heimdall, who in norse mythology, was the watchman over the gods. He took care of them and made sure they were safe.

Relating To Other Runes

The runes nearest to algiz could represent the path you should take, or what idea to go with. These runes could be your guides to what chance to take.

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