Perthro Rune – Elder Futhark Meaning

perthro rune

Perthro is the rune of magic and mystery. Things may not be quite as they seem. The roll of a dice.

Perthro translation: no specific translation known, thought to be unknown

Other spellings: Perth, Pertho

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The perthro rune is one of mystery. Think rolling dice, you never know exactly what you’ll get. It can be a great roll, or you can get snake eyes.

You won’t necessarily know what is going to happen. But along with this, it is also the symbol of magic. So look for signs pointing you on the path to go forward.

Take extra care when this rune is seen, as you don’t know what will happen. Something extra may also be happening around you that you will not know about, or will not learn about until after events have transpired.

perthro rune with definition
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This rune can be read similarly as the Magician tarot card, having a lot of options and needing to make a decision. There’s magic. They both suggest for you to look for clues surrounding you for assistance on what direction to go.

Perthro can also mean rolling the dice, which is usually risky business. You may win big, but you could also lose everything.

Relating To Other Runes

Take note of what runes are surrounding this one. This can represent what the mystery or magic may be related to. It can also suggest what the mystery or haze is surrounding.

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