Tiwaz Rune – Elder Futhark Meaning

tiwaz rune

Tiwaz is the first rune in Tyr’s Aett, the final series of the elder futhark runes. Tiwaz directly relates to Tyr, and is sometimes even just referred to as the rune Tyr, which is all about courage and wisdom.

Tiwaz translation: Tyr, Tiw (a war god)

Other spellings: Tyr, Tys, Tir

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This is a rune of victory. Of battles being won. Tiwaz represents courage, and standing up for what’s right. Find the courage to do what you need to, it’s already inside of you.

As this rune symbolizes Tyr (read more below), it is a rune of war. This can represent some difficult things coming your way. But truth and honesty prevail. You have the resilience to persevere and thrive from this. You will get through it.

This is a great rune to specifically seek out, as one to help you during difficult times. Draw it or place it somewhere to remind you that you have the strength inside of you. So long as you go honestly, and follow what’s right, you will have the energy of Tiwaz on your side.

tiwaz rune with definition
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Tyr, who this rune is based off, is one of the oldest gods in Norse mythology, and was essentially the god of war. He is the warrior god, as well as god of the defender. This was a wise god, and all of these attributes are the same for this rune.

Both the first letter of Tyr and Tiwaz are similar to the shape T of this current written language, and very closely resembles the rune shape itself.

Relating To Other Runes

Think about if this rune is pointing to any others, as it does look like an arrow. That could be a sign of what you’ll be fighting soon. Get prepared.

If it’s next to another rune, think about if you need that rune’s energy to work off for strengthening your courage and resolve.

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