The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

the chariot tarot card square

The Chariot Tarot card is a card of conundrums. Of having to make a choice, or having forces coming together. Alternatively, it’s a card about swift action and movement. Having all of these ideas in a card may seem confusing, but the idea is action will quickly take place once a decision has been made.

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Definition of The Chariot Tarot

the chariot tarot card with definition (also written below)

Simple Upright Meaning

making a decision, forces coming together, movement

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A Full Explanation

The chariot tarot card is the 7th in the series. It is one of movement, as depicted by the actual chariot. But, as in the typical Rider tarot deck, the animals ready to pull the chariot are sitting. One is black and the other is white, which can represent different ideas and directions. This coloration can also represent yin/yang.

Only once a decision has been made can one of these animals lead the way.

Once a decision has been made, there will be swift action. But the power of this card is not in the animals leading the way, but in your power to direct the movement, the motion.

Continuing with the yin/yang idea, this tarot card can also represent different ideas coming together. Instead of making a choice of which way to go, it can also represent these opposing forces coming together.

When you see this card in a reading, take time to think about why you are feeling stuck. What is keeping you from propelling forward on your journey? Is there a decision that must be made, or are there opposing ideas that are clashing, keeping you from taking the next step? (Some of the cards near this one in your spread might give you a hint if you’re struggling with an answer).

My Design

the chariot tarot card (boat in water with a shark and dolphin pulling it)

Typically the chariot tarot card is on solid ground, rather than a boat on water. I did leave many of the ideas the same, with a moving vessel being pulled in two directions, creating no movement. To represent these opposing forces, I chose a dolphin and a shark. They are trying to pull the vessel separately, rather than working together.

It’s only once a decision has been made, once they have been aligned in the same direction, will movement forward happen. Many tarot decks have an image of a person in a traditional chariot that is not moving because no decision has been made (like in The Modern Witch Tarot Deck).

Other Thoughts

When I write the card definitions, I take time to understand the cards to design something that makes sense to me on the descriptions. And the chariot is one I’ve been mulling about for a while. I actually asked my IG followers what they thought too – you can read their comments here!

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