The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

the lovers tarot card!

The lovers tarot card is one of a connection, of two people or ideas being propelled together. It is overall a positive card to find in a tarot reading. These connections may be propelled together by some unknown force, like cupid’s arrow.

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Definition of The Lovers Tarot

the lovers tarot card image with a simple defintion

Simple Upright Meaning

Two things coming together, a connection, propelled together

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A Full Explanation

The lovers tarot card is the 6th (or 7th if you count the fool card) of the major arcana series. Here, you find a connection of two people, of them coming together. The lovers represent a bond between two things, whether that is people or ideas, or the heart and the mind. This card is similar to the 2 of cups, with people coming together. One main difference is the cups is primarily emotions, and the lovers can represent any form coming together.

This tarot card in a reading can be positive, if you’re beginning a new relationship, or combining ideas together. One thing to be wary of with this tarot card is there might be an external force bringing these two together. And there’s a chance (like a coin toss) with that external force, of either having a long and meaningful connection, or things turning south after a dreamlike beginning.

Overall, if you find this card in a tarot spread, it is a positive idea of connection and coming together. There is just a small cautionary tale to pay attention for signs in the future if it’s not meant to be permanently.

Also, if you find this card near some others in the spread, it could represent those two tarot card ideas connecting together. As usual, this card reading does depend on which tarot cards are near the others, so keep that in mind. It might be telling you what the connection is through, or might explain why you feel this way (if the 3 of swords is next to the lovers for example).

The Rider Tarot deck’s image can have ideas leaning towards the Garden of Eden, with the snake climbing the apple tree. If you focus on this aspect of the card, then the people may represent Adam and Eve, before they have the knowledge of the world, and are still in bliss. With this definition in mind, the lovers can be a tale of caution with connection.

My Design

the lovers tarot card - with two people on it and an arrow

Instead of necessarily making this a man and a woman, I’ve taken the idea of the lovers to have the connection of the heart and brain, of connecting love with thought. Because the lovers doesn’t necessarily have to be a connection between two people. I also have cupid’s arrow on the card, as the idea that something is propelling them together that may not be of their own accord. Not all tarot decks have cupid and his arrow, but one that does have this imagery is the Healing Light Tarot Deck, by Chris Butler which is one of my favorites.

Other Thoughts

The lovers tarot card is the one that represents Gemini, as it is two opposing forces coming together, the same as the Gemini twins.

The opposite card in the Major Arcana of this is the devil, where instead of coming together, people are being torn apart. There is a disconnection.

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