Death Tarot Card Meaning

death tarot card

The death tarot card doesn’t directly mean a person dying. It represents significant change. It can suggest that something major is going to change, almost like death to an idea or a way of life. It’s actually a fairly positive card in a reading if you’ve had a hard time lately.

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Definition of the Death Tarot Card

death tarot card image with defintions

Simple Upright Meaning

Change, transformation, rebirth

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A Full Explanation

The death tarot card is one where things are changing. This card does not literally symbolize death of a person or animal, but of things not being the same as they were.

You might find this tarot card in a spread when everything is going to be different, or something is going to dramatically change. It can be for the better, even though we may not know it yet.

It can also represent the rebirth along with death. When old things come to an end, it leaves the way for something new to begin.

Do not dread this card, but be excited for what could lie ahead in the future after this card has mad an appearance. When this card does appear, it’s a card that you likely cannot steer clear of. It is coming whether you’re ready and hopeful for it or dreading it.

This card can also feel like a sigh of relief to seeing it in a tarot spread if you’ve been through a difficult situation recently. You can now welcome that things are going to change. It can also symbolize that you are transforming into a new version of yourself, finally able to leave some of the weight of the past behind.

My Design

death tarot card

I chose a fairly simple depiction for this card. Continuing with what both my Healing Light Tarot and Triple Goddess Tarot decks have, with a scythe and graveyard in the image.

Having a simple image for the death tarot card seemed right to me because these ideas are enough to explain what death is. The name of this card is less obscure than others, and it creates this idea already in people’s heads when they hear “death.” So this card did not need much on it!

Other Thoughts

This card always seems scary at first, when new to learning tarot cards. But it’s more positive than you’d expect. There may also be times in your life when you’ll see the death card appear more often than others, but that means it’s a transformative period.

Are you new to tarot and looking at practicing? Try your hand by picking one card a day, or try one of these tarot spreads! If you’re still having a really difficult time connecting with this card, leave it by your bedside or under your pillow to further connect.

Looking for a journal prompt that corresponds to the death tarot card? This is a journal prompt about self development and transformation. Because with death comes rebirth.

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