Using the Empress for Inner Child Work – A Journal Prompt

the empress nurture your inner child

Inner child work is so important for everyone. The more inner child work you do, the more you can move forward with life, rather than repeating the same attitudes and thoughts. Even though we may be grown now, there is still that inner child within us, that needs to be nurtured.

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This inner child journal work is part of the major arcana journal prompt series, and is related to the Empress. If you aren’t a tarot person, you can still do this journal prompt! It just goes with the idea of nurturing and motherly attitudes that are found in this tarot card.

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Scroll all the way to the bottom for an example of the journal prompt too!

Before you Begin

*Please remember this post is meant to act as a guide, not as the only tool you can use. It is not a substitute for professional help. Don’t hesitate to seek further assistance from a professional to work through trauma.

Ensure you are in the right mindset and physical space for this. Try to find a place that where you won’t be interrupted. As this release journal prompt is part of the major arcana series, maybe find the card in your deck for inspiration.

If you’d like, set soft music or light a candlecandles. Get out your journal. Make sure you take some time after this journal prompt and don’t rush in to the next plans for the day.

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Connecting the Empress Tarot Card to Shadow Work

The empress a nurturing card. When combining that with working on your inner child, it is all about the shadow work. We often forget about our inner child and do not spend enough time nurturing them. When we take the time to focus on our inner child and send loving thoughts to it, we are doing shadow work.

This idea is to help you with caring for yourself, sending all of that positive, mothering attitude to your inner child in whatever way they may need or have needed when they were growing up.

The Inner Child Journal Work Prompt

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The general theme of this inner child journal prompt is to take all of the energy that is associated with the empress and utilize it on yourself. Take her healing, nurturing, motherly energy and surround your inner child with that. Without doing inner child work, we cannot progress as humans into the strongest version of ourselves.

The prompt: take a few minutes to focus on your inner child, and then write what your inner child needs to hear to surround them in positivity.

Keep in mind that your inner child can be any age. You can picture yourself at 5, 8, 13, 15, 17… choose the one that feels right to you at this moment.

Part 1: Connect With Your Inner Child

edited image of young child in a yellow/white light

Before you start this journal prompt, take a few minutes. Try to align yourself with your inner child. Sit in a comfortable spot and close your eyes. Picture yourself at any age that seems fitting to you. Think about how your inner child is feeling.

Where are they in this location? Do they seem happy, sad, scared? What do you notice? Is something really standing out?

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Next, I want you to think of yourself as you are right now, in the same space as your inner child. And then give that inner child a hug. Fill the space with bright, warm light and energy and give that energy to your inner child. Eventually, make your way out of this space and open your eyes.

Part 2: Write About Your Inner Child

Now, to the journal prompt. Start by writing how your inner child seemed initially, and how they seemed after the hug with warm energy.

Take the time with this inner child journal work to really think about your inner child. What was the energy surrounding?

Sometimes during these moments, we get a feeling of something we may be holding on to. Did you notice anything being carried through? Or open your eyes and specifically think of something that you are still carrying?

Part 3: Write TO Your Inner Child

magnifying glass and paper that says "I love you" on it

Finally, this may seem silly, but write to yourself as your child. Keep the Empress’s energy with you, and think nurturing thoughts. What do you want to say to the younger you? Do you want to give praise for making it, regardless of what happened? Is there anything that you need to hear?

We all cope from stressful circumstances in different ways. It may have messed you up now, but you felt you did what you had to to survive. Do the inner child work by writing that to yourself. Say that you accept what you did and you don’t have to feel guilty for it.

Whatever you choose to write to your inner child, have it come from the heart, from that warm white/yellow light that you embraced your younger self with.

Think about if any of these attitudes still reach you today, and can you talk to your current self at the same time telling them the same ideas?

Part 4: Reflection

Finally, read back what you wrote. Take the time to soak in what you wrote. It’s great if you wrote it, but if you don’t read back through this, you may not be able to connect as much with the writing.

My Example

This is a personal example of the journal prompt, in case you are stuck. I’ve only added the writing about some of them below, rather than writing out everything.

inner child work example

I hope this was a helpful journal prompt for you on your journey to accepting your shadow self!

Are you looking for more journal prompts? This is one of a series of major arcana tarot card prompts that you can find here! If you’re just starting out and want an idea of how to create a spiritual journal, I have an entire article dedicated to it that you can read about!

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