A Full Moon Tarot Spread

full moon tarot spread

If you’re reading this, it’s probably the full moon! The full moon is a great time to manifest dreams and recharge crystals as well as yourself. This is a simple full moon tarot spread you can do each full moon!

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This tarot spread is one to see what the last cycle was like, what to expect for this moon cycle, and intentions to set for yourself!

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Before You Start

Remember, before you start take some time to shuffle your tarot cards, maybe light a candle, and while you’re shuffling/choosing cards, have the full moon as your intention for the tarot spread.

Full Moon Tarot Spread

Choose 4 cards, laying them out in the formation depicted below.

full moon tarot spread with description
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  1. General of how this last cycle was for you. How was it? Anything important to note about?
  2. What this next cycle will primarily be about. What can you expect for this moon cycle?
  3. Support card for the second card. Is there further depth on how to expect this cycle to be?
  4. What to set your intentions for in this next cycle. This is what to focus on for yourself, and what to work on.


full moon tarot spread example with healing light tarot cards

Here’s an example of this tarot spread using the Healing Light Tarot deck!

1. How this last cycle was – Ace of Cups – having a full cup, emotions flowing over the edges. There was human connection in unexpected ways.

2. & 3. What to expect this cycle – The Empress, Devil– mother nature, female, with pain and isolation. Feeling trapped by feminine/female ideas.

4. What intentions to set – Sun – give yourself free time. Enjoy the sunlight while it’s out, and feel its warmth. Liberation.

Things are going to be difficult this moon cycle. The last one was about full emotions, and starting of journeys. This one something is going to come to pass. Just remember to bask in the sunlight. Set your intention to celebrate with others and take energy from the sunlight.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this full moon tarot spread! If you try it, tag me #moonofgemini or @moonofgemini on Instagram!

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