The Star Tarot Card Meaning

the star tarot card

The star tarot card is a card that represents slow but necessary healing. This is also a card about luck for the person who receives it, with the star above them guiding them.

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Definition of The Star Tarot Card

the star tarot card with definition

Simple Upright Meaning

Healing, prosperity, rebirth

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A Full Explanation

The star tarot card is one of rebirth. This card comes after the difficult period induced by the tower. After everything has been dismantled, it’s time to start again.

This tarot card is also one that represents dusk. The time when day and night meet, and everything is hazy. This is also the time that the veil is at its thinnest. So, finding this card in a tarot spread can be a reminder to do shadow work.

Alternatively, this star tarot card is also one of healing and cleansing. Traditionally, or on the Rider Waite Tarot deck, there is a woman pouring water into the puddle and the earth, releasing the old way of life to allow for new shapes and emotions in.

If you find this tarot card in a reading, it does not represent a fast change or extremely dramatic like the tower, but a slow transition. A healing that takes time.

When you find this card in a reading, it can also represent good luck and wishes, like having a wish you made on a star coming true.

My Design

the star tarot card

I chose to do a simple image for the star tarot card, with stars in the sky and having them reflected upon the water. The moon is typically the card associated with reflections, but the water is a symbol of healing and clearing away parts of your past that no longer serve you.

Other Thoughts

Are you new to tarot and looking at practicing? Try your hand by picking one card a day, or try one of these tarot spreads! If you’re still having a really difficult time connecting with this card, leave it by your bedside or under your pillow to further connect.