The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

the moon tarot card

The moon tarot card is one of trickery and deception. Things look different in the moonlight than they do during the day. Take the time to discern the truth from deceit.

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Definition of The Moon Tarot Card

the moon tarot card with definition

Simple Upright Meaning

Deception, fear, follow your instincts,

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A Full Explanation

The moon tarot card is a card of reflections. The traditional Rider Waite tarot card depicts animals howling up at the full moon, and a crayfish coming out of the water, representing the water signs and other symbols of the moon.

One way to think about this card if it appears in a tarot spread is that it’s time to look inwards. To see what we fear and are negative towards.

It’s only in the darkness we can confront some of our biggest fears, as that’s when they have no space to hide anymore. Seeing this card is your opportunity to acknowledge what you’re afraid of, and why they are the shadows in the darkness.

Another way to think about this card is of deception. It’s a lot easier to misinterpret what you are seeing in the dark. Think twice when someone tells you something, as what they say and do might not be entirely true. Follow your instincts while you are in the darkness, as they will guide you better than what you can see. Be wary of the surroundings.

Shadows can look like monsters in the dark, and monsters can look like a shadow. Trust yourself.

Another idea to think about when you see the moon tarot card in a reading is to point you to looking at where the moon currently is in its cycle. Can you do moon work, and do you need to, whether its a full moon or new moon?

My Design

the moon tarot card

I went with a simple moon imagery for this tarot card which closely follows the moon in the Rider Waite tarot deck and the Healing Light tarot deck, where the moon has a face that is looking down at us on earth.

Other Thoughts

One of my tarot decks, Triple Goddess tarot card, depicts a person looking into the mirror, but seeing a different version of themselves staring back at her. This adds the question of who is real and who is deceiving? I really like this interpretation of the tarot card as it leads to the idea that we can also deceive ourselves.

Are you new to tarot and looking at practicing? Try your hand by picking one card a day, or try one of these tarot spreads! If you’re still having a really difficult time connecting with this card, leave it by your bedside or under your pillow to further connect.