10 Of Swords Tarot Card

10 of swords tarot card

The 10 of swords is a card of sadness and endings. It’s one that represents a difficult ending, but one that things can eventually grow from.

I suggest, while looking at this card description, you have your tarot deck in front of you and decide for yourself if you agree with the feelings on this page or if the card represents something entirely different to you.

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10 of swords

A few words to describe the card:

loss, abrupt ending, regrowth

10 of Swords Meaning

The swords series is the only series that doesn’t really end up with a happy ending. Most often, the imagery on the tarot card is of a person with 10 swords stabbed in their back.

This 10 of swords tarot card is a feeling of defeat, one where you’re not always able to get the outcome you want or hope for.

The world may feel very heavy right now, and you have just given in to this feeling. The change may have come abruptly and you may not have been expecting it. But there’s nothing you can do, other than go through and try to come out the other side.

This card can have the same feelings as the major arcana cards of death and the tower. There is a finality to this card, but the endings associated with this card will eventually give way to something new.

When you see the 10 of swords tarot card in a reading, prepare for abrupt changes. But be sure to keep looking for the growth after the storm. Look for the hope of starting anew, and fresh.

10 of swords tarot card with definition

Still Confused?

Still confused about the meanings of the cards? A few tools that have been really helpful for me have been: practice, taking the time to look at each card, read books like Tarot: Learn How to Read and Interpret the Cards by Kim Arnold. Or try out tarot spreads! Try doing a simple reading every day. The Labyrinthos app is really helpful too. Or try some that I’ve created by looking here: Tarot Spreads.

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