2 of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

2 of pentacles tarot card

The 2 of Pentacles Tarot card typically depicts someone trying to juggle the two coins. They are typically in an infinity shape as well. Often, there are ships in the background trying to maintain their balance on the wild waves.

I suggest, while looking at this card description, you have your tarot deck in front of you and decide for yourself if you agree with the feelings on this page or if the card represents something entirely different to you.

*The image at the top of the page does not depict all of the feelings represented by a specific tarot deck! You can find other tarot card meanings here!

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2 of pentacles - a simple tarot card definition!

A few words to describe the card:

Choices, Duality, Struggling to Maintain Equilibrium

2 of Pentacles

There are a few different ideas depicted in the 2 of Pentacles tarot card. Because the person is juggling them, it seems like there is too much on our plate. That we have to decide which way to go. Which option to choose. Only once we set one of them down will we be able to move forward on a path.

This card also represents a time when money might be tight, so we’re trying to hold onto as much as possible to stay afloat, much like the ships in the background on the rocky sea are trying to navigate the waves.

Because the 2 pentacles are often connected in an infinity symbol, it can also represent the duality of the 2. Even though we might be juggling multiple things, they might be complementing each other. There’s a reason we’re still holding on to both – because they are both important. It’s just a matter of deciding which is more important for the current moment in time.

This card may come at a time when we’ve been struggling, and by moving forward with a decision, some of the weight will come off of our shoulders. We do not have to hold onto everything to survive. Sometimes its better to let something go to allow room for the other to grow.

2 of pentacles tarot card - a simple definition.

Still Confused?

Still confused about the meanings of the cards? A few tools that have been really helpful for me have been: practice, taking the time to look at each card, read books like Tarot: Learn How to Read and Interpret the Cards by Kim Arnold. Or try out tarot spreads! Try doing a simple reading every day. The Labyrinthos app is really helpful too. Or try some that I’ve created by looking here: Tarot Spreads.