King of Pentacles Tarot Card

The King of Pentacles is the final card in this minor arcana series. This is the card where the elements of fire and earth meet. This card is one of power, buried deep beneath the surface. This king card is a ruler, but wants to stay separated. This is a card about success as well.

I suggest, while looking at this card description, you have your tarot deck in front of you and decide for yourself if you agree with the feelings on this page or if the card represents something entirely different to you.

*The image at the top of the page does not depict all of the feelings represented by a specific tarot deck! You can find other tarot card meanings here!

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king of pentacles - a tarot card simple definition.

A few words to describe the card:

Calm and collected, alone with their power, success, goals have been achieved

King of Pentacles

The king of pentacles tarot card is a representation of where earth and fire meet. It is almost the feeling of lava, where it is normally under the surface, but can occasionally boil up and bubble out. For the most part, this card represents a steady person. A person who has knowledge, but is often alone. They prefer solace. This is a person you can come to for times of advice.

This king is fairly solitary, and it’s a reminder that it’s okay to be on your own. Having the combination of these two elements (earth and fire) can be really powerful. This is a low simmer, high impact card. There’s something bubbling underneath the surface, but very controlled and used under special circumstances.

As this is the final card in the pentacles series as well, it’s about the idea of wealth. This king has discovered that he does not need as much as he once thought, and is able to manage the situation. But he still has wealth, and is not necessarily concerned over it either, because they are calm, and only use the wealth/power when necessary.

This card may appear when you are seeking guidance, and looking for an answer. Being a court card, this card could present as a person in your life you look up to. If you think this may be the case, seek that person out and have a conversation with them.

When you find this tarot card in a reading, it can also represent a hidden strength. This can be a solo card, a card where this person does not want to be bothered.

This card is also representative of the astrology sign of Taurus. As a Taurus is slow to anger, and calm most of the time. But occasionally everything will spill out in an explosive manner. The king of pentacles often has bulls or other strong animals depicted in the imagery.

king of pentacles tarot card with definition

Still Confused?

Still confused about the meanings of the cards? A few tools that have been really helpful for me have been: practice, taking the time to look at each card, read books like Tarot: Learn How to Read and Interpret the Cards by Kim Arnold. Or try out tarot spreads! Try doing a simple reading every day. The Labyrinthos app is really helpful too. Or try some that I’ve created by looking here: Tarot Spreads.