Do Crystals Need To Be Cleansed and Charged Every Month Under The Full Moon?

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I love using crystals and getting in touch with each of them regularly to see which ones I need to have out for certain occasions/times. But do you need to cleanse or charge crystals all the time? And especially do all of your crystals, tarot decks, runes, pendulums, and anything else need to be charged/cleansed every full moon?

The answer is no, they don’t. Not always. And it also depends on the type of person you are, what your circumstances are, and how much/in what ways you’ve been using your crystals.

Choosing to put them out on the full moon to cleanse and charge can be great because it’s a regular occurrence, can keep you on track, and won’t harm the crystals.

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For me, this meant running around trying to find all of my crystals after jumping out of bed because I had forgotten it was the full moon (and I spread my crystals out throughout the house) almost every month. And it just started to seem like unnecessary excess work.

I only use a few crystals a month generally, and leave the rest in bags I’ve made for the crystals to keep them protected. So it stopped making sense to me to take them all out each month to cleanse.

This movement of the crystals also felt like it was disrupting some of the energy from where I have crystals placed around the house.

Does this mean I never cleanse my crystals under the full moon? No! It means I cleanse less of them, and only every few full moons. making it feel more intentional to me, and only if I’ve been using them a lot or expecting a lot from specific crystals.

How Often Do You Need To Cleanse Your Crystals?

For how often you need to cleanse your crystals, the biggest question is what feels right to you? Are you using the crystals/tarot decks/pendulums every day? Also try to figure out the kind of energy the objects are giving off. If you want to cleanse your crystals every month on the full moon, you can. If you only want to do once a year, that’s ok too! Do a check in with yourself and don’t do something that doesn’t feel right to you.