Goal Creation Tarot Spread for Spring

goal making tarot spread

A tarot spread for making goals! Perfect for if you want to work on yourself, but don’t know where to start. This is a pretty easy 6-card spread. It does go along with the spring equinox rituals, but doesn’t only have to be used during the equinox. It’s a goal creation tarot spread. If you’re trying to find a new goal to work on for yourself, and need a little inspiration, this is the tarot spread for you! It’ll give you advice from what the goal should be, to how to work on it and why.

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Spring is probably my favorite season because the days are getting longer, and it’s starting to be warmer. It’s time to plant seeds, and watch them grow into beautiful flowers. So this tarot spread for personal growth is in perfect time with the changing of weather and when the earth is most open to new seeds being sown. We take that energy with us for this tarot spread.

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This goal creation tarot spread does not have purely for spring, but it’s a great tarot spread to use during spring or just creating new goals in general!

The Goal Creation Tarot Spread

a 6-card tarot spread for making goals

Shuffle your deck, and pull 6 cards. Lay them out in the order depicted above. I’ll be talking about this sort of in a metaphor for a flower growth.

  1. “Seed idea” – What is the goal for growth? How can you grow, or what is your goal to work on for the next few months?
  2. End result – What will it look like, how will you be changed after you’ve done the work on this goal?
  3. Feeding the goal – How can you consciously work on it? What do you have to physically do to work towards this goal?
  4. Beneath the surface – What is unconsciously happening during this period of time while you work on the goal?
  5. Sacrifice – What do you have to sacrifice for this? What must be given up to achieve the end goal?
  6. Why – Why do you need to work on this? What caused the need for this to be something to work on?

Once you’ve figured out what the goal is, write it down! Then you can remember it. It’s a great idea to write down your tarot spread too, to come back to look at it from time to time. If you’re curious how to best write them down, I have an article about journaling with tarot spreads! Looking for the meanings of the cards? You can find those here!

Try to focus on a few goals at a time. If you do more than that, you’re likely to become stuck and overwhelmed. This goal creation tarot spread is a good way to figure out what really needs to be worked on, rather than getting stuck on the small goals. One thing I like to do with goals is make them SMART, and I’ve made this tarot spread similarly to that! Are you looking for other tarot spreads? You can find more here! Or try this one specifically for reflection during the fall equinox to think about how you worked on these goals: Reflection Tarot Spread


Are you confused with this tarot spread and how to relate it? Here’s an example of the goal tarot spread in action using my Triple Goddess Tarot Cards!

  1. The goal for growth – Queen of Pentacles. It’s a goal for a secure career path.
  2. End result – Page of Cups. The end will be a new business opportunity or venture.
  3. Conscious work – Knight of Wands. A need for action, speed and having motivation to working towards it. The obstacles are being removed and now I must speed ahead.
  4. Unconscious – 5 of Swords. The difficult obstacles are resolving themselves, as currently feel in the middle of a battlefield.
  5. Sacrifice – The Hermit. I must sacrifice some of my alone time, the time I have for myself.
  6. Why this goal – The Magician. It’s time to achieve the destined outcome. Time to put everything together.

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this is a simple 6-card tarot spread to help decide what your next goal should be. A way to work towards a better you.
This tarot spread is about planting seeds for the future, just as spring is a time for growth of plants, it can be a time for growth for us to. Figure out what you need to work on next with this tarot spread!
Want to set new goals but don't know what to work on? Use this tarot spread to decide what's most important for you! It's a simple 6-card tarot spread for goals and growth.