3 Simple Spring Equinox Rituals To Celebrate Ostara

spring equinox rituals

The spring equinox is nearing us. The days are getting longer, plants are starting to bloom, and animals are being born. It’s a time of extreme growth. So how are you going to celebrate this change of seasons? This is a time to connect with mother nature and join in on the cycle of growth. Below, you’ll find some simple spring equinox rituals to celebrate with.

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With these rituals, we are celebrating Ostara, the goddess of spring. To become excited about the days warming up and a new cycle upon us. Time to emerge from the darkness we’ve been in for winter.

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Spring Equinox Ritual: 1 Spend Time in Nature

This is a really simple spring equinox ritual. Spend some time in nature, and put all of your focus on what is surrounding you. Ideally the day will be sunny, but it might also be raining or snowing. Regardless, take at least 5 minutes to be outside and enjoy the fresh air. Try to find a place that is not surrounded by cars and humans if you can; if not, just find a quiet area where you won’t be interrupted.

Become as fully immersed in nature as you possibly can. Let all of your senses be tuned in to what nature is doing around you. During this time, go without any electronics if you can.

  • Focus your ears on the sounds of nature, the birds chirping, the wind blowing through the leaves, maybe a source of water nearby. Maybe you hear bees nearby, buzzing towards the flower blossoms.
  • Allow your eyes to notice the colors. You might be seeing flowers blooming, or how the grass is green. Try and absorb as much detail as you can about your surroundings. About how magical it is that everything is how it is today.
  • Take deep breaths, smell spring in the air. You might be noticing the change from decaying smells of fall and winter turning into the aromatic scent of flowers blooming.
  • Feel the sun, or the rain, and wind on your body. Notice how you react to it. Try to take all of this in.

Ritual 2: Start planting your own seeds – a writing prompt

For this spring equinox ritual, I want you to write some things down. You’ll be creating your own seeds. What you want to plant this spring and how you’ll feed it to grow and bloom into something beautiful. Spring is a time of massive growth and change for nature, and it’s only wise if we are swept into that and go with the changes as well. Try to focus on how you would like to grow, as a person. You can have crystals, maybe rose quartz, out for assistance with this prompt too if you’d like.

This is a writing prompt. You can either write it down in your journal, or on paper that will be left in a special-to-you place. Try to ensure it’s a place that you will remember and see often. Think about how you would like to grow. What you would like to change, or do. It can be anything, but make it reasonable to you. This growth can be in your personal life, professional life, it could be something that you’ve always wanted to learn.

Remember that, like seeds, we will only grow if given proper nutrients and watered regularly. This is not an idea that you “write and forget.” It’s one that you actively work towards. So what I’d like you to do is:

  1. Write what the “seed” is that you’re planting (a goal or an idea).
  2. Something that you can do weekly or daily to work towards the growth of that seed growing roots and blooming. Like a plant, it must be watered often. Try to create ideas of how you can work towards it.
  3. Occasionally plants need food, fertilizer, to maintain the growth and get a little boost along the way. What are these bigger things you can do to assist towards reaching your goal?
an example of the spring equinox ritual writing prompt/journal idea
Are you lost on what this means or ideas? Here’s an example:

You can do one of these or a few. Just don’t plant so many seeds that the sunlight can’t reach every plant (try to choose a maximum of 4 goals to work on). If you can’t decide on a goal or “seed” to write down, try the tarot spread further below! It’ll give you ideas for what type of growth you need.

Ritual 3: Tarot Spread for the Equinox

This spring equinox ritual does require you to have a tarot deck, oracle cards, or runes. Below, you’ll find just an image with the tarot card layout and simple information on what each card means. If you’d like the full version, you can read more here: Goal Creation Tarot Spread. Feel free to not use your tarot cards and use some other divination form for it!

tarot spread for spring equinox goal setting.

I hope this has been helpful for you! What else are you doing for the spring equinox? Let me know on Instagram @moonofgemini!

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A simple set of 3 rituals you can do to celebrate the start of spring and ostara!
3 different ways to celebrate the beginning of spring and planting seeds for the future!