Fehu Rune – Elder Futhark Meaning

fehu rune

Fehu starts off the rune sequence in the Freyr’s Aett series. This is the rune of wealth and fortune.

Fehu translation: wealth, money, cattle

Other spellings: Feh

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The fehu rune is the rune for wealth and fortune. It can also symbolize good health. In general, this rune is a positive rune when found upright in a reading.

It can also come as a suggestion to appreciate what you already have, rather than wanting more. This is a card for unselfish prosperity, so not only will the wealth be for you, but to spread the riches.

At one point Fehu would have literally translated to cattle or cows, as this would have been a symbol of well-being and plenty.

fehu rune with definition
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This rune is directly related to Freyr, who is the norse god of fortune and prosperity. This rune is directly related to physical wealth, rather than mental or emotional, which is why it would have at one point been meant as cattle.

This norse god was loved by almost everyone because of his relationship with prosperity.

When you see this rune, think of wealth in terms of physical, but not just for yourself. This can mean that you come into good fortune, but don’t forget to spread that wealth to everyone else.

Relating To Other Runes

Look at the other runes around Fehu. As what it’s near can represent in what form the wealth will appear, or how it will act.

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