Wunjo Rune – Elder Futhark Meaning

wunjo rune

The wunjo rune is the final rune in the Freyr’s Aett series. This series finishes off strong with the rune that looks like the letter P and represents joy and happiness.

Wunjo translation: joy

Other spellings: Wyn, Winja, Wungo

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The wunjo rune is a symbol of happiness and good health. This is a rune for celebrating the good times.

This rune can also symbolize romance and satisfaction. It reminds you that things are going right. Take the time to enjoy your surroundings and life. Focus on the positive and the happy, rather than getting stuck in all of the negatives.

Another meaning this rune can have is to have your eyes opened to the truth. Look for what’s around you, rather than feeling like someone else has control of your life.

wunjo rune and definition
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Wunjo is a card for positivity and happiness. Take the time to celebrate with the ones you love and care about with this rune. Think about the journey that brought you here, and appreciate everything you’ve done.

This is the last rune in Freyr’s aett, which relates to the god Freyr (and twin Freyja), ending this sequence on a happy and positive note.

Relating To Other Runes

Think about how the other runes near wunjo make you feel. Are they aspects that are bringing you joy and happiness?

Or use this rune to help propel you forward into a happy place and space in your life.

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