Gebo Rune – Elder Futhark Meaning

gebo rune

The rune gebo often represents a gift, and continues on in the Freyr’s aett runes. This is a rune that cannot be read in reverse, cannot have a different meaning because it is an X and will look the same however it is thrown.

Gebo translation: gift, present

Other spellings: Giba, Gifu, Gyfu

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Gebo is a rune that has quite a few meanings associated with it, although they are all extremely similar. This rune represents a gift, whether that’s in a physical present, or any other definition of the word gift. This could represent that you have a great skill you are gifted with as well.

It can also represent a partnership or love. Think of the potential to create a union when you see this rune. This can be a rune of good luck or good fortune, in any form.

Gebo can either be telling you of a gift that is to come, or to look for the ones already in your life. Alternatively, think of a gift for someone else. What can you do to help someone? As gifts come, they can also be shared with others.

gebo rune with definition
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This is the 7th rune in the typical rune alphabet, so it can also be considered a symbol of luck, as the number 7 is in so many cultures. This also happens to look similar to the Chinese character, number 7.

This “X” symbol is often a kiss signature as well, which can be how it relates to love and relationships/partnerships.

Relating To Other Runes

Having this rune appear near others could represent what the gift appears as in your life, or what needs to be forgiven to move forward.

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