Can Someone Use My Pendulum?

rose quartz pendulum

If you’ve got a pendulum and love it, you may be wondering if someone else can use it! Especially if you’re showing it off to everyone you know because of how much you love your pendulum and how it’s done great work for you. So, the question then is, can someone use my pendulum?

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Can Someone Use My Pendulum?

Ultimately, it’s up to you if you let someone else use or try your pendulum. Just like some people don’t mind having their tarot cards touched by other people, and some refuse to let them be touched by anyone, a pendulum is the same way.

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Personally, I don’t let other people use my pendulum, especially my rose quartz one. When I first got it, my mom wanted to try it out, and I didn’t feel comfortable with that idea. So I said no, and have stuck with not letting anyone else touch it.

With my other pendulums, I don’t feel quite as strongly, so I could see myself letting someone use one of my other pendulums.

rose quartz pendulum

Why Should I Let Someone Use My Pendulum?

So why should you let someone use your pendulum? If you feel comfortable sharing, then there’s no real problem with letting someone else try your pendulum!

If they’re on the fence about getting a pendulum, then it may be a good way for them to get a feel and see how it works. Take them through how to use a pendulum and let them try asking some basic questions.

Or, if you’re doing something like the chakra test with a pendulum, it might be a good idea to let them have control of the pendulum! Especially if it’s being tested on you, then you might have better results with what chakras are blocked for yourself if they’re using your pendulum.

*You might want to cleanse your pendulum before letting someone else try it, and after they’re finished!

Why Should I NOT Let Someone Use My Pendulum?

Pendulums can be deeply personal. You can have a really strong connection with your pendulum, and may worry that letting someone else touch your pendulum could cause issues.

Or it might get confused, if you’ve got two very different energies trying to work with the pendulum. If you’ve done the interview with your pendulum, you’ll know that your pendulum is there to work with you in a very specific way. And it may not feel like it still fits with you after someone else has used your pendulum.


So can someone use my pendulum? Ultimately, it’s up to you! It’s your decision if you want to lend out your pendulum. Or, if you’ve got a collection of pendulums, set one aside as your ‘loaner’ to lend out to people who want to try it out!