Dagaz Rune – Elder Futhark Meaning

dagaz rune

Dagaz is the final rune in the Elder Futhark alphabet, ending on a positive note. This rune symbolizes day, specifically daybreak and light.

Dagaz translation: Day, Daylight

Other spellings: Dag, Daeg, Daguz

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Dagaz is the rune of daylight, and of daytime. This is a positive rune to end on, and specifically represents the light during a day.

If you see this rune in a rune casting, it can represent the dawn of a new day; things are finally changing and you can see the sun again. Because of this, it means progress is being made.

You may have felt like nothing was changing for the longest time, but things are finally turning around in your favor with this rune. Growth is starting to occur and breakthroughs may be being made.

This could also suggest hope. Hope for changes to come, and the ability for something new to occur. With dawn, there’s this feeling of hope. Of being able to see the sun again after a dark and long night.

Dagaz can also represent spiritual development or breakthroughs in your spiritual journey or learnings. This could be a new discovery about yourself, or of enlightenment.

dagaz rune with definition
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This rune is one of those that most closely represents it’s current definition, from the Norse language to English. It can also represent a higher self conscious, which few people are able to achieve.

Relating To Other Runes

Think about the runes near dagaz. Have you been feeling stuck for a while? This would suggest that whatever was holding you back from growth is now ending, and you’ll be able to move forward again. You’ve had a breakthrough, and there won’t be this obstruction anymore.

This rune is a relief in the system, of being able to start moving forward again.

This rune can relate to Jera, where that was longer cycles and changing of seasons, and this is the length of a day changing. Of night turning into day, and back into night.

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