Othala Rune – Elder Futhark Meaning

othala rune

Othala is one of the final runes in Tyr’s Aett, and symbols heritage and family.

Othala translation: Possession, Inherited

Other spellings: Odal, Othila

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Othala is a rune of heritage, and family. This rune symbolizes not messing with tradition; but rather is a time to stick with what’s been done in the past, and continue.

Along with these ideas, it’s also a symbol of inheriting things through familial lines, or from birthright. If you’re questioning what to do, think about what your family may have done in the past and follow that plan.

This rune can also remind you of habits and tradition that were formed through your family, or homeland. These could also be things that you end up passing on to someone else.

Maintain the status quo if you see othala in a rune spread, and avoid going too far out in any direction.

othala rune with definition
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Relating To Other Runes

Think about heritage relating to the other runes. Do you know of any special traditions that relate to the ones around this one?

If othala is upside down or reverse, think about any blockages you may be having with tradition, or any losses that might have occurred with traditions you’re missing. Alternatively, it could suggest to avoid following tradition in the case of the rune it’s near.


This rune was used as a symbol in Nazi Germany. Because of it’s symbolism meaning heritage and tradition it was used as propaganda.

This is still a common symbol used as a white supremacy symbol. Be careful when using this rune, in Sigils or marks, as to not accidentally say the wrong thing to unknowing people who may stumble across it and recognize it as this supremacist symbol, rather than it’s original rune.

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