Raido (Raidho) Rune – Elder Futhark Meaning

raido rune

Continuing off on Freyr’s Aett is the rune raido. This is a rune for travel and movement.

Raidho translation: travel, ride

Other spellings: Raihdo, Reid, Rad

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The raido rune is one about going places. This signifies a journey, whether you’re just starting or finishing. The way it sounds is similar to the word “ride” so it is more likely to be related to traveling with transportation.

This is a physical journey or something to do with transportation.

When it comes to travel, make sure you spend time preparing for it. The more prepared you go into this, the more successful. This rune can be seen as the warning to prepare.

It may also not be a long physical journey, but one that occurs more than at one point.

raido or raidho rune with definition
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As it relates to the word ride, this raido can also be related to the wheel. So with a wheel, think cycles. Remember that life goes in cycles and you may not have the answer right now, but the solution may come to you later.

Use this rune in a sigil to help promote safety in your journey.

Relating To Other Runes

When near another rune, raidho can be a rune for helping you figure out what the journey is going to be like, or what it relates to in your life currently. This can also show as what you need to travel for.

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