What Do The Runes in Loki Symbol?

TVA runes in Loki series

The Loki TV series is really popular. And there are a lot of symbols that appear in the series, but what I want to talk about today is the Runes showing on all over the TVA and the main imagery, includes these runic symbols, or at least what appear to be runic symbols.

*This does contain spoilers for the Loki TV series and is no way affiliated with Disney or Marvel.

So what do the runes in Loki symbol? In the Loki series, we see this image in the TVA:

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TVA loki symbol
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Which to someone who likes runes, appears to be a few runes combined.

The central rune in this is the rune othala, and then the two side can either represent kenaz, separately, or jera, together.

Considering Loki comes from Norse mythology and these are Nordic runes, it would make sense to see runes appear in the Loki series. So what do these runes in Loki symbol?


othala rune

Othala being the central rune in this image, it is super fitting because this is a rune for heritage and tradition. It’s all about following the ways of the old, of what the family wants, rather than going off on your own journey.

The TVA, as we know, prunes the timelines that don’t follow this one order. So it’s following the legacy. This is the central rune seen.

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kenaz rune

The runes on either side of Othala can either represent two kenaz runes, or jera, and they could both work. Kenaz is a symbol of light, of a torch illuminating the path. As this is on both sides of othala, it is illuminating the way in both directions.

As we know, the TVA works in all times, and does not follow a straight line, but rather can be anywhere on the timeline. So kenaz is the torch illuminating both directions of the time.

This says to look forward and back and follow the history and traditions no matter where on the timeline.


jera symbol

Jera is the other symbol that it could represent in the runes on the sides of othala. This rune is essentially two kenaz runes combined, so it could easily be this symbol.

As jera may sound, it represents year. Of cycles. Time is circular, and goes in rhythms, and is not one straight line but rather a circle. This is the same as the rune jera.

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Either way you look at it, these symbols in the Loki series definitely represent a timeline, a heritage, following one story, and how it continues to go in a cycle. It will continue forward and backwards, rather than going in one straight line.

There is only one right way and we must follow tradition to continue. Keep going with the light that’s guiding you in both directions.