Thurisaz Rune – Elder Futhark Meaning

thurisaz rune

Thurisaz continues in Freyr’s Aett. This is a rune that represents thorns and protection.

Thurisaz translation: Thor, thorn

Other spellings: Thuith, Thurs, Thurisar

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The thurisaz rune is one of protection, and avoiding danger. Not only does thurisaz sound like thorn, the imagery of this rune looks like a thorn coming off of a branch.

Roses have thorns to protect them from predators. This is the same with this rune. Prepare yourself and protect yourself from danger and from things that may try to get to you.

When you find this rune, it can represent a danger coming your way, so it is time to set up protection and defend yourself from whatever may lay ahead.

There is also a chaotic energy associated with thurisaz, where you don’t always know what’s about to occur or what may happen, so you need to protect yourself in whatever way possible.

thurisaz rune with definition
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Thurisaz is also related to the god Thor from norse mythology, and named after him. Think of his hammer, Mjolnir as the protection that is in this rune.

But Thor is a warrior god, so with him comes fighting. Remember that there may be battles ahead to prepare yourself for.

Relating To Other Runes

The runes near in a rune casting may represent what is going to cause you trouble; what to look out for, when this rune is nearby. Be wary of what this thorn is pointing towards.

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