22 Easy Questions To Ask Tarot Cards

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Tarot is a great tool to use for almost any question! A great thing with questions to ask tarot cards is that you have can use a specific tarot spread, pick one card, choose a certain number of tarot cards, or making your own tarot spread!

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The great thing about the majority of these tarot questions is that they can be answered with one of two tarot spreads. Either a simple 3 card tarot spread or a traditional Celtic Cross 10 card tarot spread (which will give a more thorough answer). Many also have a tarot spread attached to the question!

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This list of tarot card questions is perfect for people who are just starting their tarot journey, or need a new idea of something to ask their tarot cards! Get inspired with these questions!

Simple Questions For You

How Am I Doing?

To start off the questions to ask tarot cards, these are questions about you, how you’re doing, and where you’re at in life.

celtic cross tarot spread
Celtic cross tarot spread with Healing Light Tarot deck.

1. What do I need to know for today? The great part of this question to ask tarot cards is that it’s fairly simple. Choose one card, 10 cards, or anywhere in between, and you can start your day off with this every day!

Get you prepared for what may lay ahead with this tarot spread, and help yourself get in the right headspace if you take 5 minutes each morning to start with a tarot spread.

2. What’s going on in your life right now? Take a minute to stop and think about what’s happening, and reconnect with yourself. This question serves as a reminder of how you’re doing, and if there are any changes you might want to make! (Stop time tarot spread)

3. A 6 month overview of where I’m at and where the next few months of my life are going? This is a great one to use the Celtic cross tarot spread on. This tarot card question doesn’t have to be specifically for 6 months, but can be any time frame. Just see how you’re doing, and what lies ahead.

Checking In

The second set of questions are just a checking in on yourself. What can be better, or what’s happened in the past that is still affecting you today!

4. A mental health check in – how is your mental health today? Is there anything you need to do to support yourself today?

tarot spread for blockages
Energy blockage tarot spread with Rider Waite Tarot Cards

5. Do you have any energy blockages currently? What are they, why do you have them, and how can you release them? (Find a specific tarot spread for this question here).

6. What emotional baggage are you carrying? How is it serving you? Or is there anything you can release? (Find the tarot spread here)

Situational Questions To Ask Tarot Cards

5. Any advice on this situation? This can be about any situation! This is an easy question to ask to get better clarity on just about anything going on in life! Ask about a situation you are already in, or one that you may see yourself in within the near future.

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6. What’s past trauma that is still affecting you today? How can you work through this? What occurred with this past trauma? What happened immediately after this trauma? (Find the past trauma tarot spread here)

example tarot spread for trauma
Tarot spread for trauma with Rider Waite Tarot Cards

7. Any goals to work on right now? Is there something I should be working towards? What is it, how do I get there, and how will it benefit me? (Find the tarot spread here)

8. What will I be like in this place? If you’re thinking of traveling or moving, different places can affect you and how you act! Try asking your tarot cards how you’ll be, what kind of role you might take on in this new location!

Questions About Others

tarot spread with rider waite tarot cards
Compatibility tarot spread with Rider Waite tarot deck

(This topic is a little tricky, because you don’t really want to ask about others without their permission, but it’s helpful to ask about relationships with other people and how you match/clash)

9. What’s our compatibility? This can be for a relationship or a friendship. Are we very compatible, or will there be a lot of blocks and challenges?

10. When you’ll find someone and the type of person they may be. See the kind of person you’re looking for before you’ve found them by using this tarot question.

11. How well are you able to work with this person? This is great in a collaborative way, if you’re able to choose the person to work with. Is this a good match or will it only cause problems?

12. What’s our middle ground? What ideas can we agree and work on? This question is especially great if you aren’t able to choose the person you work with, and have to figure out what your middle ground is to have even the smallest connection.

Career Questions

Career questions seem to be very common questions to ask tarot cards! There’s always confusion over what to do next with life, and questioning where you’re at now too.

multiple options tarot spread
Tarot spread comparison between options with Triple Goddess Tarot

13. What career path to choose? This question is great if you have multiple options or directions to go in. Just decide how many cards you’d like to answer you with for each option (1 or 2 is probably enough), and then see what the cards have to say for each option!

14. Are you on the right track? See if you’re heading the right way with your career, or if there’s anything stopping you. Is there something you could change to be on the right path?

15. Is there guidance on a direction to go in? If you’re completely lost with your career, or even just a small project within your career, is there any guidance on what direction to follow? This is especially helpful if you’re at a crossroads.

16. What would it be like to take this project on? How will it be for me if I do this project? Gain advice whether this is even something to consider before accepting, or what to focus on if you have no choice in taking on the project.

Miscellaneous Questions

These questions don’t really fall into any category above, but are still great tarot questions.

Special Days

These questions to ask tarot cards correspond with the seasonal changes and the Earth’s location. These may not seem specifically like questions, but are more check-ins.

17. Check in with the summer solstice. On the longest day of the year, see how you’re doing, and if there’s anything you need to prepare before the days get short and winter is here again. (Summer solstice tarot spread)

winter solstice tarot spread
Winter solstice tarot spread with Healing Light tarot cards

18. On the darkest day of the year, release struggles and move forward with the winter solstice tarot spread. Winter is a time to hibernate, and look within. Take the time now to look inside of you. (Winter solstice tarot spread)

19 & 20. The days are the same length as nights twice a year. Take time to make goals for spring to set into your summer and flourish with the lengthening of days. Reflect on how you’re doing with the autumnal equinox tarot spread to set yourself free before the long nights ahead. (Spring Equinox Tarot Spread, and Autumnal Equinox Tarot Spread).


tarot spread for discovering spiritual guide
Tarot spread for meeting your spiritual guides (with Healing Light Tarot)

21. Who are your spiritual guides? What are they here to help you with? Why are they here? (Find the tarot spread here)

22. Interview your deck (or pendulum). How are they here to help you? Are there specific strengths and weaknesses?

I hope these 22 questions to ask tarot cards gave you some inspiration on ideas you could ask your cards about! If you use any, tag me on Instagram @moonofgemini or #moonofgemini!

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Questions for you, about your career, and everything in between with this list of 22 questions to ask your tarot cards!
Tarot is a great tool for gaining understanding on so many aspects of life. Use this list of questions to ask your tarot cards to help you with it!
These are easy questions to ask your tarot cards to help gain perspective on your life!